Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Of DMCA Violations and Bootleg .mp3s

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So The Trill Connection got hit with its first DMCA (for the know-nots, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998; click here for more info) violation. Apparently the offending post was the Pimp C portion of the UGK/R&B mega-post from two months ago. However, in the notice they sent me Google didn't bother to tell me which track in that post was the reason for the violation and just took the entire post down instead. I have a back-up copy, but I'm not going to publish it again before finding out which track got somebody all pissy. Fuck it, I just removed all the links from the post and republished it. If you need the tracks, hit the e-mail.

Of course, the funny thing about it is that the tracks from that post were only ever available as singles—promotional or otherwise—that aren't even being sold in retail stores right now. In one case, a track came from an advance CD (from 1998 no less!) for an album that never even saw the light of day. None of them were ever put on a major label album, and even if they were intended to be, those albums ended up not being released any damn way. That's why I figured they were kosher to post. But evidently, I guess one of those tracks wasn't.

While this certainly isn't as bad as what noz went through with the whole Warner Bros./Gucci Mane debacle last year, it's still troubling to me. The thing that pisses me off about it is that whoever sicked Google on my ass could have just as easily sent me an e-mail and asked me to take down the offending track. I'm not hard to find and hell, as long as you're polite, I'm more than willing to accommodate the request.

Here's the tl;dr version: if you have a problem with the content that I post here, shoot me an e-mail and we will work it out like civilized adults. Don't go crying to Google/Blogger about it like a little bitch and have them go above my head, deleting the content that I work damn hard to provide to my readers. That shit just ain't trill.


Sauze said...

Shit tell me about it, a friend of mine and I just started posting some stuff on a little blog of ours and we got nailed with a DMCA complaint nearly right away. Weirdly though the post they were complaining about had been removed by request already so not too sure what they were on about.

scjoha said...

Damn, that's fucked up.
But I guess that's the curse of increasing popularity in the blogosphere these days.
Props,Percy, for these clear words towards complainers who prefer to hide in the bushes and throw stones.
I would love to know who they are. Record company folks? Artists? Jealous bloggers?

Rome Brown said...

The same thing happened to me a couple months back. I guess that's what we deal with when we post links. Despite our intentions being good.

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