Monday, May 3, 2010

Guest Spots: "Rollin' Thru"

Cōz f/ Bun B - "Rollin' Thru" | zShare
from View to a Kill (Str8 Game/Ghetto Groove, 1996)

I don't know much about this Cōz dude, other than the fact he is from Oakland, CA. He has two albums to his name: King of Kali from 1995 and View to a Kill from 1996. The strange thing is that apparently King of Kali was only available in Germany. (Of course, that is according to the Discogs entry; correct me if I'm wrong.) Both albums seems to share a lot of the same tracks too, including the N.O. Joe produced "Rollin' Thru" with Bun B, which was called "Rollin' Thru Ya Hoody" when it appeared on King of Kali.

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