Saturday, May 22, 2010

While I'm Away...

As I've mentioned on Twitter and in the shout box, I've been having some computer troubles.

I won't bore you with the details, but I will say that I was able to salvage everything off of my failed external HDD, which contained my UGK discography folder. However, I need to replace my computer's motherboard and it will be a couple of weeks before I'm able to do that. Until then, I'm going to be MIA and posts are going to be few and far between.

In the mean time, here is some stuff to tide you guys over. Props to B B S and kuci06.

UGK - "How Long Can It Last?" O.G. Hook | zShare
technically from Underground Kingz, otherwise unreleased (Jive, 2007)

"How Long Can It Last?" from UGK's 2007 self-titled album originally had Pimp C singing the hook instead of Charlie Wilson, but it was changed at the very last minute. I'm torn whether I prefer Pimp's take or Wilson's take.

This is some footage of Bun B in the studio discussing some upcoming collabs with Drake. At least one of those collabs—"Put It Down" I think—should make an appearance on Trill O.G. when it finally drops around June or July.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Singles: "It's Supposed to Bubble" (Promo CDS)

UGK - "Bubble (Clean Remix)" | zShare
from It's Supposed to Bubble promotional CD single (Jive, 1994)

Here is one more version of the "It's Supposed to Bubble" single. The CD version isn't much different from the more well-known vinyl press, except for the fact that the sound here is CD quality, as opposed to the quality you would otherwise get from a vinyl transfer.

The single includes cleans versions of the original and the remix, plus their instrumentals.

Props to Nils from for the .wavs from the single.

(Anybody got a scan of the CD single art, if there is any?)

[UPDATE: Here's some hi-res scans of the single's front label, back cover, and CD.]

Another Day, Another DMCA Violation

[UPDATE: I'm bringing this up to the top because the Killer Mike "Re-AKshon" post just got hit with a complaint. As usual, the post is back up, but without the "offending" links.]

Well, another of my posts just fell victim to a DMCA violation. This time it was the Bun B portion of the UGK/R&B mega-post. I already republished it, sans links, so if you need those tracks… well, you know what to do.

I'm not going to bother speaking on this bullshit any further. I'm not into repeating myself.

Interviews: "Free Pimp C!" (Ozone, May '05)

(Click for slightly higher res)

This interview from the May 2005 issue of Ozone magazine took place while Pimp was still in jail (obviously) and a couple months after the release of The Sweet James Jones Stories. I'll be posting the rest later on in the week.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Guest Spots: "Havin' Thangs"

Big Mike f/ Pimp C - "Havin' Thangs" | zShare
from Somethin' Serious (Rap-A-Lot/Priority, 1994)

"Havin' Thangs" is one of the tracks from one-time Convict, one-time Geto Boy Big Mike's debut album Somethin' Serious. The album was originally released in 1994, through a joint deal between Rap-A-Lot and Priority. Pimp C does his thing here, producing the beat and killing it on the hook, while Mike holds it down on the verses. "Havin' Thangs" also got some play on the soundtrack tip, as it appeared a year later on the soundtrack to Dangerous Minds, that movie with Michelle Pfeiffer trying to teach inner-city kids.

A sequel to "Havin' Thangs" was recorded in 2006—somewhat unoriginally called "Havin' Thangs '06"—which appeared on Pimp's third solo album Pimpalation. As sequels go, it's pretty nice, if only because Pimp actually has a verse on it and because it's one of the few tracks from that album that he actually had a hand in producing.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Guest Spots: "Mind on Money"

5th Ward Boyz f/ UGK - "Mind on Money" | zShare
from Recognize the Mob (Underground, 2000)

Here is another UGK guest spot on a 5th Ward Boyz track. Produced by group member E-Rock, "Mind on Money" appeared on the trio's sixth alum Recognize the Mob in 2000. Unlike their previous albums, Recognize the Mob was released solely through Underground Records, the label that discovered the trio originally. (Though it can still be considered a Rap-A-Lot release since Underground's parent label is in fact Rap-A-Lot Records.)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Percy Mack's Trill Connection #8" @ Cocaine Blunts

Ain't nothing too special at the Blunts this Wednesday Thursday: just a random (and pretty recent, actually) Pimp C guest spot from my mythical unsorted folder. Check it out here.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Tracks: "Countin' Money"

Bun B f/ Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti - "Countin' Money" | zShare
from Trill O.G. (Rap-A-Lot, 2010)

First, there was that snippet from the mixtape that wasn't; then there was the unfinished(?) version with just Yo Gotti's verse on it; now, here is the full version of this DJ B-Do produced banger with an added verse from Gucci Mane. I guess those rumored Jeezy and OJ Da Juiceman verses just weren't right for the final mix?

Props to Nah Right and the DGB fam for the track. Trill O.G. coming soon.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Of DMCA Violations and Bootleg .mp3s

(Pic courtesy of BBspot; click for the full hi-res version)

So The Trill Connection got hit with its first DMCA (for the know-nots, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998; click here for more info) violation. Apparently the offending post was the Pimp C portion of the UGK/R&B mega-post from two months ago. However, in the notice they sent me Google didn't bother to tell me which track in that post was the reason for the violation and just took the entire post down instead. I have a back-up copy, but I'm not going to publish it again before finding out which track got somebody all pissy. Fuck it, I just removed all the links from the post and republished it. If you need the tracks, hit the e-mail.

Of course, the funny thing about it is that the tracks from that post were only ever available as singles—promotional or otherwise—that aren't even being sold in retail stores right now. In one case, a track came from an advance CD (from 1998 no less!) for an album that never even saw the light of day. None of them were ever put on a major label album, and even if they were intended to be, those albums ended up not being released any damn way. That's why I figured they were kosher to post. But evidently, I guess one of those tracks wasn't.

While this certainly isn't as bad as what noz went through with the whole Warner Bros./Gucci Mane debacle last year, it's still troubling to me. The thing that pisses me off about it is that whoever sicked Google on my ass could have just as easily sent me an e-mail and asked me to take down the offending track. I'm not hard to find and hell, as long as you're polite, I'm more than willing to accommodate the request.

Here's the tl;dr version: if you have a problem with the content that I post here, shoot me an e-mail and we will work it out like civilized adults. Don't go crying to Google/Blogger about it like a little bitch and have them go above my head, deleting the content that I work damn hard to provide to my readers. That shit just ain't trill.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Guest Spots: "Rollin' Thru"

Cōz f/ Bun B - "Rollin' Thru" | zShare
from View to a Kill (Str8 Game/Ghetto Groove, 1996)

I don't know much about this Cōz dude, other than the fact he is from Oakland, CA. He has two albums to his name: King of Kali from 1995 and View to a Kill from 1996. The strange thing is that apparently King of Kali was only available in Germany. (Of course, that is according to the Discogs entry; correct me if I'm wrong.) Both albums seems to share a lot of the same tracks too, including the N.O. Joe produced "Rollin' Thru" with Bun B, which was called "Rollin' Thru Ya Hoody" when it appeared on King of Kali.