Friday, April 30, 2010

UGK and Rap-A-Lot Records, Part I

(Pic courtesty of Bottom of the Map; click for the full hi-res version)

Welcome to the hundredth post at The Trill Connection. To celebrate, I'm going to pick up where this week's column at Cocaine Blunts left off and hit you guys with some more choice UGK/Rap-A-Lot tracks. Now, some of these tracks might be ones that you have already heard, and some might not be. Either way, they are some of the doper selections from UGK's catalog.

5th Ward Boyz f/ UGK - "Swing Wide" | zShare
from Rated G (Rap-A-Lot/Noo Trybe/Underground, 1995)

Made up of 007, E-Rock, and Lo-Life, the 5th Ward Boyz are a trio from Houston, TX, and main stays at Rap-A-Lot Records. In fact, they were the first artists brought to the label after the Geto Boys. They released their first album Ghetto Dope in 1993, though it was just 007 and E-Rock on it, as Lo-Life was in jail at the time. He didn't show up on record until their second album Gangsta Funk a year later. "Swing Wide" is a Pimp C produced joint from their 1995 album Rated G.

(Scarface) f/ 3-2, F.L.A.J., UGK - "2 Real" | zShare
from My Homies (Rap-A-Lot, 1998)

My Homies was a double disc compilation album that Scarface put out in 1998. Like the title implies, the album is basically a showcase for all of the rappers that Face fucked with at the time, and in most cases, still does. While he showed up to rap on twenty-three of its thirty tracks, "2 Real" with UGK and 3-2 is one of the few tracks where Face doesn't show up at all. He does share the track's production duties with Mr. Lee though.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but back during the recording of Super Tight..., 3-2 was actually in the running to become the "third" member of UGK. It never really materialized though because he didn't show up for recording sessions or shows, aside from the session that produced "Weed Weed," "Stoned Junkee," and "Pussy Got Me Dizzy."

UGK - "Woodwheel" | zShare
from J. Prince Presents: Realest N!@@az Down South (Asylum/Priority, 1999)

Man, if you don't know this song, then I don't know what to tell you. While it was later added to UGK's Dirty Money album to bolster the tracklist, it originally appeared in 1999, right here on this double disc compilation that J. Prince put out.

Scarface f/ UGK - "They Down With Us" | zShare
from The Last of a Dying Breed (Rap-A-Lot, 2000)

"They Down With Us" is another Scarface joint which appeared on his 2000 album The Last of a Dying Breed. Unlike "2 Real" from My Homies, Face is actually rapping on this track. Aside from the raps by Face, Bun, and Pimp, the beat is a real banger too; it's right since Face, Mr. Lee, and N.O. Joe all contributed to its production.

(Man, if I had the time and inclination I would make a N.O. Joe spin-off of this blog.)

Tela f/ UGK - "Sho Nuff 2000" | zShare
from The World Ain't Enuff (Rap-A-Lot, 2000)

The World Ain't Enuff was Tela's second album to be released through Rap-A-Lot. It featured "Sho Nuff 2000," which was a sequel of sorts to his big hit single "Sho Nuff" from Piece of Mind, his 1996 Suave House Records debut. The original featured Eightball & MJG, but they are swapped out in the sequel for UGK. I'm not sure of the production credits for the track, but apparently the whole album was produced by Tela and Slice Tee so it's a safe bet they had a hand in the production.

Tela f/ Bun B - "Pimp Bitch" | zShare
from Double Dose (Rap-A-Lot, 2002)

I know Mr. Bionic posted "Pimp Bitch" in the comments section of my recent column at Cocaine Blunts, but I'll post it here as well, just for completion's sake. "Pimp Bitch" was also a Slice Tee production, and was the album opener from Tela's 2002 album Double Dose, his third through Rap-A-Lot.


White Tim said...

you forgot the other track with 5th Ward Boyz Mind On My Money

Percy Mack said...

Ha ha. Gotta leave something for part two, y'know.

White Tim said...

dont forget on da 1 and havin thangs and the song with born 2wice

Brandon said...

need a OutKast spinoff of this blog! But thanks for doing this blog man keeping UGK fans updated and whatnot

scjoha said...

@WhiteTim - which Born 2wice song do you mean? I only know 7 Executioners feat. Bun, but it didn't appear on RAL. Likewise, technically "Mind on My Money" is not a RAL release:
But maybe it can count 'cause 5thWB were on RAL for a long time.
Props for the mega post, Percy!
Like I said in the comments to another post, I wish there would have been more UGK / Geto Boys collabs (
Missed opportunities are "2 Real" and "Wood Wheel". Scarface and Willie Dee appear in the great video for the latter, which you posted here. They should have made a Geto Boys remix.
@WhiteTim, can you shine some light on the relation between UGK and Geto Boys members (anecdotes, little stories)? Why didn't they do more music together? Or is there more, which remains unreleased?
Why aren't there any songs with Bushwick Bill? That could have been some great music, both Pimp and Chuckwick together. Both did great ignorant shit as well as deep songs.

scjoha said...

"They Down With Us" reminds me that someone should compile all the references to hiphop classics Pimp and Bun did in their songs, or on others' songs, like "They Down With Us" which is a pretty obvious cover of Boogie Down Productions' "Still No. 1" (a true classic).
More subtle is Pimp's variation of Reverend Run's "There ain't enough room... first serve basis" lines (from "Sucker MC`s", used on "Take it Off").
Pimp also used the "And now they got me rockin on the microphone" from "Sucker MC's" line somewhere.
Nerdy shit, I know, but always dope to recognize those references. There are many more, but I only remember these right now.

White Tim said...

they had a god relationship as far as i know

and Recgonize The Mob was a RAL release seeing that label is a side label of J Prince's.... to me anything J Prince owns is still RAL

Percy Mack said...

I think I posted that Born 2wice song already in one of the Bun guest spots posts.

DAYSOTN said...

UGK - Back In P.A.T. feat. T.I.


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