Monday, April 19, 2010

Singles: "Free" (Promo CDS)

Lil' Sin f/ UGK - "Free (Radio Edit)" | zShare
from Free promotional CD single (BLVD, 1998)

Since Mr. Bionic was asking for the accapella to "Free" by Lil' Sin and UGK awhile ago, I did some looking around. While I wasn't able to find the elusive 12" single (yet…), I did come across this promo CD, which is essentially the same as the 12", except that it's missing the album version. Still, it's got CD quality versions of the instrumental and accapella, so whatever. The radio edit here is a little different from the album version of "Free" as it actually ends instead of fading out with the instrumental playing.

For more information about this Lil' Sin track, check out this post from last November.

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