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Singles: "It's Supposed to Bubble" (Promo VLS)

UGK - "Bubble (Clean Remix)" | zShare
from It's Supposed to Bubble promotional 12" single (Jive, 1994)

"It's Supposed to Bubble" from UGK's sophomore effort Super Tight... is pretty unique amongst the album's other ten tracks. One reason is because it's one of two tracks where DJ DMD had a hand in the production: more specifically, he co-produced "It's Supposed to Bubble" with Pimp, while he produced the album closing "Three Sixteens" solo. [Changed the wording a little bit here, as DMD produced "Three Sixteens" without any input from Pimp. Thanks to Tim for pointing that out.]

Another reason is that it's definitely the album's most "radio friendly" track, mostly because of its smoothed out Pleasure sample. Jive must have intended it to be the album's hit single, as it's the only track that had a music video produced for it. While it was a minor hit, we all know that Bun and Pimp didn't get their big radio break until Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin'" came out five years later.

Finally, it was the one of two tracks ("Front, Back & Side to Side" being the other one) from the album that had a remix done for it. In this case, it was the Pimp C produced "Bubble" which only appears on the 12" single. Well, that's not entirely true: apparently, the cassette single also has the "Bubble" remix, except it has Bun talking through the intro rather than Pimp. Unfortunately, I don't have that particular version.

It's also interesting to note that the label for the 12" says that "It's Supposed to Bubble" is from the "forthcoming album Super Tight... P.A. N*ggaz Worldwide." Perhaps that was an early title that was scrapped? Who knows. I haven't heard the album referred to by that title any where else except this label. Coincidentally, part of that title was later used for DMD's second album Twenty-Two: P.A. World Wide in '98.

The single includes clean versions of the original and the remix, plus their instrumentals.

BONUS: Here's the .FLAC rip of the 12". Props to my homie Stew, as always.

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White Tim said...

im pretty sure the full title of Supertight is in the booklet of Supertight...

and DMD produced Three Sixteens C had no hand in that one

only one was co produced with Pimp was Supposed To Bubble

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