Monday, May 17, 2010

Singles: "It's Supposed to Bubble" (Promo CDS)

UGK - "Bubble (Clean Remix)" | zShare
from It's Supposed to Bubble promotional CD single (Jive, 1994)

Here is one more version of the "It's Supposed to Bubble" single. The CD version isn't much different from the more well-known vinyl press, except for the fact that the sound here is CD quality, as opposed to the quality you would otherwise get from a vinyl transfer.

The single includes cleans versions of the original and the remix, plus their instrumentals.

Props to Nils from for the .wavs from the single.

(Anybody got a scan of the CD single art, if there is any?)

[UPDATE: Here's some hi-res scans of the single's front label, back cover, and CD.]


Floris said...

I got it and yes there is artwork, but no exclusive ugk pics if thats what youre thinkin

Percy Mack said...

Nah, I wasn't thinking it was anything exclusive. I just need something to add to the album art ID3 tag for the .mp3s (and .FLACs) I have of it. The tags look so incomplete otherwise, ha ha.

Kuci06 said...

I'm using this picture as a cover
300*300, but better than nothing

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