Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Info About .FLAC

Thanks to Tru (what up homie?) from the shout-box, I just realized that when I posted those .FLAC rips of Live From the Harris County Jail and the "Pocket Full of Stones" single, I never bothered to explain what the .FLAC format actually is and what it does. My mistake there, people.

Basically, it's a form of audio compression, sort of like a .mp3, but with no loss in audio quality. For example, that .FLAC rip I posted of Live From the Harris County Jail is essentially the same as if you were listening to the actual CD. You can read more about the format here, if you're so inclined. They probably can explain it better than I can.

Be warned though: due to their nature .FLAC files are much bigger than what I typically post here and downloading them might take awhile, depending on how fast your Internet connection is. As a result, I won't make a habit of posting lossless rips all of the time; it will be reserved for things like hard-to-find 12" singles or special cases like Live From the Harris County Jail.

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Bayan The One said...

although i'm a fan of FLAC, actually by my observation after the compression the resulting file size is just a tiny bit smaller than the size of an uncompressed WAV file packed with 7zip archiver
well anyway in both cases you need some dedicated software to get to the music

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