Friday, March 26, 2010

Singles: "Use Me Up" Promo CDS Tracklist

This promo CD of UGK’s "Use Me Up" is the only place you’ll find the elusive Chris Trevett mix plus the instrumentals to the Ghetto Jeep and Hip-Hop remixes. It’s probably one of the rarest UGK-related discs out there. I know I’ve never run across one; not even a crappy 128 kBit/s rip on Rapidshare.

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J Real said...

the Chris Trevett mix is the one that is on to hard to swallow

White Tim said...

no its not but there's not much difference

J Real said...

i got this cdr i cant tell the diff

J Real said...

yea sounds a lil diff i like the end with the snares too i never knew i listened to it once and thought it was the same

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