Saturday, March 6, 2010

Super Tight... Double Disc Tracklist

Ever hear about a different version of Super Tight...? A double disc version? Yeah, me too.

Originally, Super Tight... was meant to be a double album called Soul 4 Life, with its second disc being called Super Tight. Jive said no to the idea, so it was scrapped pretty early on. Luckily, some of the tracks that were meant for Soul 4 Life—such as "Chrome Plated Woman," "Heaven," "Living This Life," and "Shattered Dreams"—all found a home on the 2007 self-titled double disc.

Now, while the following tracklist isn't officially for Soul 4 Life—it's actually for a compilation of tracks from the Super Tight... sessions that the homie B B S put together for his own personal use—it still gives us an idea of what a double disc version of the album possibly looked like, and what songs had been recorded during that era:
01.) Return [5:12]
02.) Underground [3:17]
03.) Pocket Full of Stones Pt. 2 [4:58]
04.) I Left It Wet 4 Ya [4:29]
05.) Mack the Knife [3:38]
06.) Feds in Town [5:29]
07.) Front, Back & Side 2 Side (featuring Smoke D) [4:17]
08.) Protect & Serve [4:35]
09.) Smooth Slangin' [6:09]
10.) Ménage à Trois [6:20]

01.) Here They Come [3:41]
02.) Stoned Junkee (featuring 3-2) [6:40]
03.) Rat-Tat-Tat [1:21]
04.) It's Supposed to Bubble [4:26]
05.) Weed Weed (featuring 3-2, Mitchell Queen) [6:40]
06.) '93 Mac [5:14]
07.) Pussy Got Me Dizzy (featuring 3-2) [4:51]
08.) How Long Can It Last? [3:53]
09.) Three Sixteens (featuring DJ DMD) [4:38]
10.) High 'Til I Die (featuring Big Mike, BoBo Luchiano) [4:16]
Here is what I know what about some of these tracks: "Smooth Slangin'" and "Ménage à Trois" are Bun and Pimp solo tracks respectively; "Ménage à Trois" was also intended to be the album's first single, but Angela Winbush wouldn't clear the sample the track used and it was scrapped; the version of "Front, Back & Side 2 Side" featured here is shorter and has some Ice Cube samples in place of Pimp saying "Never let hoe ass n*ggas ride"; "Return" is about three minutes longer here than it is on the retail release; and finally, "High 'Til Die" features a George Benson sample, but much like Winbush, he wouldn't clear it and the track was also scrapped.

Props to B B S for posting the tracklist originally, and to Methlab for linking me to it.

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