Friday, March 5, 2010

UGK and No Limit, Part II

I don't have much to say here, as I've already said what I had to say in part one, so enjoy some more UGK/No Limit collaborations. These tracks are all from very late '90s No Limit, before the label began its decline and eventual fall into the abyss of bankruptcy and pimping Lil' Romeo albums. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, I guess.

Oh, and if you're wondering where "Bump and Grill" from the I Got the Hook-Up! soundtrack is, I've already posted it just a few days ago and I didn't see a reason to include in this retrospective. If it bothers you that much that it's missing, you can just imagine that it was a prelude to this two-parter.

UGK f/ Smitty - "Tossed Up" | zShare
from Mean Green Presents: Major Players Compilation (No Limit/Priority, 1998)

I think I mentioned this track back in my second reader request post, when I was talking about "What Up My Boy" from Smitty's debut album. While "Tossed Up" doesn't feature any No Limit artists or Beats by the Pound production, I still think it qualifies, as it was part of the Major Players Compilation that No Limit put out in 1998. Pimp produced the beat, which makes "Tossed Up" one of the few tracks on the comp that doesn't have C-Los or KLC producing it.

C-Murder f/ Master P, UGK - "Akickdoe!" | zShare
from Life or Death (No Limit, 1998)

Life or Death was the debut solo album from Master P's brother and TRU member C-Murder. It was also was his most successful album, as it topped the Billboard charts at #3 and eventually went platinum. Like early Cash Money releases, No Limit albums tended to be very insular and if a guest rapper ever showed up on one, it was usually someone from the label's own roster. For example, out of the seventeen guests that appear on Life or Death, the only non-No Limit rappers to show up are UGK. The Pimp and The Bun rap along side the Miller brothers on "Akickdoe!"—another rare Pimp production, at least in the face of the ubiquitous KLC and his boys, anyway.

Fiend f/ UGK - "Slangin'" | zShare
from There's One in Every Family (No Limit/Priority, 1998)

Unfortunately, most of UGK's work with No Limit was kept to the high-tier acts like P or C-Murder. Sure, Pimp did some production work for those lower on the label's roster—Young Bleed comes to mind—but they didn't get any guest verses. Fiend was an exception, as he got UGK to drop in on the KLC produced track "Slangin'" from his No Limit debut album There's One in Every Family. (His actual debut was called Won't Be Denied, an album put out by Big Boy Records.) Now that I think of it, "Slangin'" might be the only feature that UGK did for a No Limit act whose last name wasn't Miller.

Master P f/ UGK - "Ghetto Life" | zShare
from MP Da Last Don (No Limit/Priority, 1998)

MP Da Last Don was P's first attempt at a double disc album and was also hyped up as his "retirement" album. The hype helped it to debut at number one on the Billboard Top 200 and to sell enough copies for it to be certified four times platinum. "Ghetto Life" was produced by Mo B. Dick and its beat is very mellow and laid back, which is appropriate for the UGK feature, as it was their last appearance on a No Limit release.


scjoha said...

Fiends' Slangin' is a fucking neckbreaking, trunk rattling banger! I love that beat. Ahead of it's time, years before everybody and his momma in the south made beats like this.(Ha, in the comments to the first No Limit post I asked if UGK rapped on a KLC beat - this song is the answer.) Great southern music.

Rick said...

I was just a little nerdy white-boy-Rican until 1998 when I decided to check out C-Murder's joint, Akickdoe, particularly Pimp C's verse in it, changed my fucking life. RIP Pimp C. The trill die young.

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