Thursday, March 4, 2010

UGK and No Limit, Part I

As a companion piece to my previous post focusing on Bun B's relationship with Cash Money Records, I'd like to take a look at Bun and Pimp's relationship with the other dominant rap record label from New Orleans: Master P's No Limit Records. The following tracks are all from No Limit's golden years and feature UGK in some capacity, though in one case only The Pimp shows up for a verse.

By the end of the second part to this post, you'll notice that UGK had largely stopped appearing on tracks from No Limit artists after 1999. The rumor is that it was because of a falling out between P and Pimp. I'll try to explain that in a separate post, which will include the uncut version of Pimp's "Play Hard" that I mentioned last week, as it contains some pretty choice disses to P.

But for now, let's enjoy some very dope collabs that UGK did for No Limit.

Master P, Silkk Da Shocker, UGK - "Playaz From the South" | zShare
from Down South Hustlers (No Limit/Priority, 1995)

"Playaz From the South" showed up on the massive Down South Hustlers double disc compilation that No Limit put out in 1995, just as the label was starting to come into its own. The track is also the earliest example of UGK working with P and his people, and the first in a line of features on Master P-centric tracks. Mo B. Dick (of No Limit in-house production stable Beats by the Pound) and Pimp share production credits for the track.

Master P f/ UGK - "Break 'Em Off Somethin'" | zShare
from Ice Cream Man (No Limit/Priority, 1996)

"Break 'Em Off Somethin'" is the first P/UGK collab to appear on a proper album. This particular track is from P's fourth album Ice Cream Man. Unlike the previous joint, Pimp produced it entirely by himself, without input from any of the Beats by the Pound dudes. A similarly titled track called "Break 'Em Off 2002" with Three 6 Mafia and Bun was mentioned in the handwritten tracklist for Pimp's unreleased solo double disc album; I wonder if it was meant as a sequel to this particular track?

Master P f/ Eightball & MJG, UGK - "Meal Ticket" | zShare
from I'm 'Bout It soundtrack (No Limit/Priority, 1997)

"Meal Ticket" appeared on the soundtrack to I'm 'Bout It, another of No Limit's theatrical releases. It features P, UGK, and Eightball & MJG rapping over a Mo B. Dick beat. I think this may be one of the rare times that the duo from Orange Mound rapped alongside the duo from Port Arthur. Bun had a duet with Ball on his triple disc solo album Lost, dropped a verse for G's solo record No More Glory, and appeared on their debut on Bad Boy Records, Living Legends. Pimp also appeared on "Whatchu Gonna Do" from their second Bad Boy release Ridin' High in 2007, but that seems to be it. It's a shame, as I always thought it'd be a good look for those four to rap together more often than they did.

Master P f/ Pimp C, Silkk Da Shocker, The Sons of Funk - "I Miss My Homies" | zShare
from Ghetto D (No Limit/Priority, 1997)

Ghetto D was one of P's most successful albums, as it had the highest first week sales out of any of his other albums (761,000 copies) and it even went triple platinum. "I Miss My Homies" was the album's first single, and featured another beat by Mo B. Dick, who also did some additional vocals for the track. At five minutes long, it's a massive dedication to fallen homies. It's a pretty somber affair, though when P does his usual guttural "Ugghs" it kind of ruins the mood. But Pimp brings it back with his verse, as he was an unlikely master at dropping some really poignant lyrics when he had to.

BONUS: Here's a scan of a poster promoting Ghetto D, featuring the album's original cover.


southpeezy said...

i thought The Last Don was P's first double CD...i only remember having one Ghetto D...

man..that Ball & Bun is nothing less than Fie..and ive been riding to "Take No Shit" relentlessly lately...hands down probably one of my favorite Bun verses.

i always heard rumors that Pimp didnt have the best relationship with Ball...hense the lack of them working together...i even heard that Pimp's verse on "Tossed Up" from the Meen Green compilation was a shot at Ball.

OH YEAH! matter fact...that can count as a UGK/No Limit collab too!

Percy Mack said...

Yeah, you're right. I was confusing MP Da Last Don and Ghetto D for some bizarre reason. Anyway, I fixed that part of the post. I also hadn't heard that Ball and Pimp were on poor terms. I'd love to hear more about that, if anyone has the info.

And don't worry, you'll see "Tossed Up" in the second part to this post.

Beautiful Lou said...

"Jus an everyday thing rubbin butt"
-Pimp C

aha classic

nice blog

scjoha said...

Another Ball & G collabo with Bun B is on young Buck's Say It To My Face ,which has a dope beat imo.
Do you know if UGK ever dropped verses on some KLC production? KLC is a great producer. His No Limit tracks are classic, but my favorite beat from him is T.I.'s What They Do ft. B.G. Great marching band drums and horns. and B.G. kills it. My second favorite T.I. track next to I'm Straight (and Front Back of course, for to come back to UGK).

scjoha said...

Is it possible that Break em Off Something is the first Pimp C production with double-time hi-hats (not the whole beat through doubletime but rhythmically accentuated), which later became a signature of southern hiphop drums?he claimed that to be his invention.

kyle said...

re: UGK/Ball & G collabs, Gold Grill is a pretty good song on Dirty Money and 8Ball was on that unreleased Cigarette joint that was on Side Hustles but I never cared too much for it. Used To Be is one of my favorite songs off of 4 Life but even I have to admit that everyone (with the possible exception of 40 Watta) sounds a little past their prime

Percy Mack said...

Just a bit of info, but "Cigarette" wasn't an unreleased joint: it was on Too Short's Nationwide 2 double disc comp that came out in 2000. There is an alternate mix for it floating around too. It says that it's from Chase the Cat, though it's no where to found on it. Maybe the alternate mix is b-side from album? I dunno.

I suppose I should probably do a UGK/Ball & G post some time.

scjoha said...

Yeah definitely. I think I have two different versions of Cigarette - beat is different.

scjoha said...

Is the Side hustles version of 2Cigarette" the same as the nationwide 2 version?

Percy Mack said...

Yeah, as far as I know.

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