Saturday, March 13, 2010

Guest Spots: "Dirty Dirty (Remix)"

Mil f/ UGK - "Dirty Dirty (Remix)" | zShare
Mil f/ Bun B - "The Game" | zShare
from Street Scriptures (Jive, 2001)

From what I've been able to find out, Mil (but not the same dude as Meek Mill… at least I don't think he is) is an emcee from Philadelphia, PA and was a one-time protégé to Beanie Sigel. I've read that people have said that he even kinda sounds like Beans, but I hear way more Sheek Louch in his voice than I do Beans. Apparently he was able to parlay guest verses on other people's records into a major label record deal.

Of course, it seems like his deal didn't last too long. In 2001, Mil released his debut album Street Scriptures through Jive Records, but it turned out to be his only album, at least as far as I know. As it came out through Jive, I think the label is largely responsible for getting UGK to appear on some tracks—they were label mates after all.

UGK shows up on the remix to the album's single "Dirty Dirty" and it's probably the only instance of Pimp and Bun rapping over a Ty Fyffe beat. (Well, other than the unreleased "Money on My Beeper" track that was meant for the self-titled double disc.) Besides the remix, Bun also turns up for a verse on the Franklin "Livin' Proof" Crum produced track "The Game."

Both the remix to "Dirty Dirty" and "The Game" appeared again a year later on the cash-in UGK compilation Side Hustles, but I just thought I'd hit you guys with rips from the album they originally appeared on.


southpeezy said...

i remember this joint. i was doing college radio at the time. i convinced jive to send me whatever UGK stuff they had or just got, before they sent it to radio and bigger djs. in exchange i agreed to play music from their new artists like Mil and Petey Pablo at the time.

i used do my thing on the mic back then too and me and my homeboys did a track over this instrumental. they shot a video for this song too...i cant remember if UGK was actually in it though.

scjoha said...

@ Southpeezy - do you have a link for that video?

Mike said...

i read somewhere that Mil died and they were unable to promote the album like they wanted to.... If anyone knows where i can find the song dirty dirty let me no. CLASSIC BUN B VERSE

scjoha said...

@Mike - uhm... scroll up and check the dl link?

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