Thursday, March 18, 2010

UGK and R&B, Part II

[UPDATE: Links removed due to a DMCA complaint. Check these posts for more info.]

It's time for part two. Here are some R&B songs featuring Bun Beata.

Beyoncé f/ Bun B, Slim Thug - "Check On It (Video Version)" | zShare
Beyoncé f/ Bun B, Slim Thug - "Check On It (Bama Boyz Remix)" | zShare
from Check On It CD single (Sony Urban Music/Columbia, 2006)

Um, I don't know much about this chick Beyoncé actually—wasn't she in some R&B group and she did them like Diana Ross did The Supremes? Oh yeah, and she's married to a rapper too; the dude that did "Hawaiian Sophie" with Jaz-O. He ever amount to anything?

Blatant sarcasm aside, Bun didn't originally show up on the version of "Check On It" that appeared on the Destiny's Child great hits compilation #1's. At that point, it was just Slim Thug; Bun didn't get added until they filmed the video for it. Swizz Beatz does the beat, while The Bama Boyz handle the remix. By the way, those dudes actually manage to give the track a little more knock than the soft batch Swizzy original.

Donell Jones f/ Bun B - "If U Want" | zShare
from Journey of a Gemini (LaFace, 2006)

Donell Jones is Chicago, IL born singer/songwriter/producer who has been putting out music since 1996 when he released his debut album My Heart. Produced by the team of Ryan Leslie and Sean Garret, "If U Want" featuring Bun was a track from Donell's fourth album Journey of a Gemini, which was released in 2006. The album had been delayed a few times due to the Sony/BMG merger (the same merger that kept Clipse on the shelf for four years) and didn't even do that well when it was finally released, due to poor promotion from LaFace Records.

LeToya f/ Bun B, Jazze Pha - "Tear Da Club Up (H-Town Version)" | zShare
from LeToya (Capitol, 2006)

LeToya Luckett is a former member of Destiny's Child. She and fellow cast-off LaTavia Roberson tried to form their own group called Anjel after being kicked out of Destiny's Child, but the project fell through and LeToya decided to pursue a solo career. She released her self-titled debut album through Capitol Records in 2006. It featured the "H-Town Version" of the Jazze Pha produced "Tear Da Club Up" (no 3-6) which basically meant that it had a Bun B verse.

Bun also appeared along side Slim Thug and Killa Kyleon on the bonus track "Swagger" from LeToya's most recent album Lady Love, but since it just came out last year, I'm not really inclined to include it.

Natalie f/ Bun B - "What You Gonna Do?" | zShare
from Everything New (Universal, 2006)

Everything New is the sophomore effort from Houston, TX singer Natalie Alvarado, better known as just Natalie. "What You Gonna Do?" was the album's first single and featured production by Play-N-Skillz, plus a guest verse from Bun. Unfortunately, due to poor support from Universal and piss-poor radio play, the single didn't gain much attention and the album bricked.

Trey Songz f/ Bun B - "Intro: Trey Day" | zShare
from Trey Day (Atlantic, 2007)

Do I really need to explain who Trey Songz is?

As its title may indicate, "Intro: Trey Day" is the intro track to Trey's 2007 album Trey Day. It was produced by Bei Maejor who, as a small coincidence, also did production work for Bun; he produced "Hold U Down" from Bun's debut album Trill.

Bun has also made appearances on "24s" by RichGirl and Ginuwine's "Trouble" but like the recent LeToya track, they were released just last year, so I won't post them. You can find them floating around RapidShare and whatever torrent site you use though, I'm sure.

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