Monday, March 8, 2010

Lyrics: Another Excerpt from "'93 Mac"

"Yeah, '93 mac style
Macadamia nuts, n*gga, rollin', strollin'
Foldin' n*ggas over with what I'm holdin'
Throwin' up my set, they trippin' with me
Get with me? Never n*gga
Cause a street n*gga is a clever n*gga
Fuckin' average n*ggas over(?) all day
Whether n*ggas wanna try to run or not
If I'm packin' my G-L-O-C, bitch, you gettin' shot
Check the knots in my pocket, paper stacks stayin' thick
Cause it takes a "G" to respect the "G" so bend over bitch
Cause I'm layin' dick to hoes and n*ggas any way you wanna fake it
If I see a money makin' bitch opportunity, then I take it
And break that bitch back
Yeah, the '93 trill n*gga Port Town Cadillac mac's back
Cause some of these wanna-bes got these hoes thinkin' they're special or something
When they need to break a bitch nose
Cause we live it like that and we give it like that
Bitch, so get on your back for the '93 mac!"

-Bun B, "'93 Mac" from the Super Tight... sessions (Jive, 1993/94)

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