Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some Questions for The Bun

Since I started The Trill Connection, I've often found myself pondering all sorts of different questions about UGK and their catalog of music. The following are some of those questions: some of them I've had since I started this blog, and others are a little more recent.

1.) While I have some favorite verses of my own, I've always wondered what some of Bun's favorite verses that he laid down for other people's tracks were? And for that matter, what acts did he like working with the most?

2.) I've jammed more than a few of the unreleased tracks that were aired on the Damage Control tribute shows for Pimp. What are some of Bun's favorite unreleased UGK tracks that people might have never heard before?

3.) Since I did my little retrospective on UGK/Cash Money and UGK/No Limit, I've been wondering what it was like working with those labels. I'd be especially interested in stories about Cash Money, since Bun was appearing on their records while the label was still fairly young.

4.) This might just be a pipe dream on my part, but hell, I'll ask it anyway: What are the chances of a box-set of UGK material being released, in a similar vein to those box-sets that have been put out for bands like The Beatles and Nirvana? I think any UGK fan would be on-board for something like that. I know that I would be, for sure.

I know Bun reads the site, so maybe I'll get an answer or two? Who knows? Maybe Peter Rosenberg will come through and be gracious enough to ask him some of these questions. After all, he would have a great opportunity to do so, since he'll be interviewing Bun at the Noisemakers show at SXSW on March 18th at 7:00 PM at Aces in Austin. I'm just saying, ha ha.

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