Sunday, March 7, 2010

Guest Spots: "Southwest"

Lil' Bigg, Pimp C, Yukmouth - "Southwest" | zShare
from Platinum Thugs: Straight Ghetto (Zereh, 2002)

Like those Jahari and Big Boys tracks I posted earlier this week, "Southwest" is yet another example of Pimp working with rappers from out west. It originally appeared on the 2000 album/compilation My Cape is in the Cleaner's put out by Captain Save 'Em, a member of T.W.D.Y. ("The Whole Damn Yay"), which was a group founded by West Coast legend Ant Banks in 1999. However, the track appeared as "Representin' South West" on that album. Two years later, it appeared on the Platinum Thugs: Straight Ghetto compilation, but with the shortened title of "Southwest."

Appearing on the track along side Pimp are Yukmouth, one time member of the Luniz, and another guy named Lil' Bigg, who I don't really have the first clue about. The beat is provided by the team of Clint Sands and Todd Brown, and it has a very classic West Coast vibe to it. Though Pimp was always at home rapping over some country rap tunes, it's always nice to hear him rapping over a different style of beat.

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scjoha said...

The beat on "Southwest" is a bit slicker and the church bells sounds are a bit weird, but somehow I really like it. I like it definitely better than the beat to Spice 1's "Thug Thang", where Pimp's "Southwest" verse also appears. The "Thug Thang" version of his verse is slightly different, a little "dirtier". Funny how Pimp managed to sell a dirty and a clean version of the same verse to two Bay Area artists in the same year.

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