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Unreleased: "Play Hard (O.G. Version)"

Pimp C - "Play Hard (O.G. Version)" | zShare
technically from Pimp's Untitled Solo Double Disc Album, otherwise unreleased (N/A, 1999?)

Despite UGK's close relationship with No Limit Records, the duo pretty much stopped appearing on the label's releases around early 1999. It's rumored that the reason was because of a conflict between Master P and Pimp C. Apparently, P had bought some beats from Pimp, but he didn't pay for them. [I did a little more research, and it wasn't beats that P didn't pay for, but rather the guest verses that UGK had done for No Limit. P also added Beats by the Pound as co-producers on some tracks that were apparently purely Pimp productions, such as "Playaz From the South," "Meal Ticket," and "Ghetto Life."] Pimp wasn't going to let that go, so he kept trying to get the owed money, dissing P and No Limit all the while. It got to the point where P had to send some dudes after him to put a stop to it. Whether it's true or not, I have no idea—most of the info I have regarding the situation was culled from various message boards.

Whatever the cause, P and Pimp had beef. At least two of the tracks from the double disc album that Pimp was working on at the time were focused on dissing P and No Limit. "Play Hard" was one such track, and the other was called "You Ain't Pac" which had a feature from Pastor Troy—an excellent choice for a guest, since Troy was beefing with P at the time as well.

(If you remember back to the first part of my UGK/No Limit retrospective, I mentioned the track "Break 'Em Off 2002" with Bun and Three 6 Mafia, and how it might be a sequel to "Break 'Em Off Somethin'" from P's Ice Cream Man. Looking at it in context with these other two diss tracks, it could also be viewed as yet another diss to P. Of course, there's no way of knowing that for sure without hearing it.)

While Pimp doesn't explicitly call P out by name on "Play Hard," he does calls out a "fake Tupac" that "could get hit in [his] Bentley or [his] purple Impala," which is probably as direct a reference to P that you could get; Pimp went on to say "Fuck No Limit!" and called him a "Tupac wanna-be ass n*gga" and a "grave stealin' ass n*gga" in the song's outro.

The O.G. version of "Play Hard" is the only one that retains the original outro, complete with the "Fuck No Limit!" exclamation. The version that appears on Ghetto Stories and the later remix "I Know U Strapped" from The Sweet James Jones Stories remove the offending part of the outro.

As far as I know, their beef lasted until after Pimp returned home from the pen. He mentioned in the last line of his verse on the UGK remix to Chamillionaire's "Ridin' Dirty" that he "just got off the phone with Master P" so hopefully that meant that they were able to resolve their differences, what ever those were.

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