Saturday, March 13, 2010

Guest Spots: "Feel My Choppa"

Mafioso Click f/ Pimp C - "Feel My Choppa | zShare
from Feel My Choppa (Mafioso, 2000)

In what seems to be an unfortunate recurring trend at this blog, I don't have much info on these dudes. I'm not even sure of their rap names, though I do know that their government names are Reggie Moss and Ralph O'Neal III. I also know that Mafioso Click was a duo from Nashville, TN. But the keyword there is "was": Reggie was shot and killed in 2005 and Ralph is currently facing drug charges along with a murder indictment. Before that though, they put out a few underground albums, including Feel My Choppa, which was released through Mafioso Entertainment in 2000. Pimp C shows up to drop a verse on the album's title track, but I have no idea who produced it; like many underground releases, the album has a one page liner note sheet and it only mentions the album's guests.


grip1010 said...

does any one have let me see it the uncut song

Percy Mack said...

Do you mean the version that has Pimp ranting about No Limit and Master P for about a minute after the beat fades out? Unfortunately, that version is unreleased and is probably under lock and key, due to the fact that it's dissing P.

dollfacekillah said...

Reggie's rap name was Greed and Ralph's was Bunz, Ralph is currently in federal prison and is faceing 30 to life. Mafioso was more than a duo, it also included Trigg, Dirty and a few more. If they were still rapping today I realy think they could have gone big, at least they were talking about real life, instead of this crap that is out today. I miss you boy...... R.I.P Black Greed,

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