Friday, March 12, 2010

Guest Spots: "No Cheese"

Mafia Style f/ Pimp C - "No Cheese" | zShare
from Unpredictable, Vol. 1: Working With Something (Mafia Style, 2000)

Mafia Style was a duo out of New Orleans, LA (I think) and made up of Lil' Miller and Valentino. I don't really have any other information about them outside of that, beside the fact that their album Unpredictable, Vol. 1: Working With Something came out in 2000 through Mafia Style Records. I'm not sure if this was there only album; I did find a picture of what looks like the cassette release of an Unpredictable, Vol. 2, but judging by the guest list, it's probably just a re-release of Vol. 1. Anyway, Pimp C shows up for a guest verse on the track "No Cheese" but he doesn't produce it; instead, some dude named Gambino does the beat. Thankfully, this album actually has some liner notes, so I don't have to be in the dark about who produced what.

Also, I gotta laugh at the dude who is selling an opened copy of this album for $40 something on eBay, when I picked up an unopened, brand-spanking-new one at Amazon for a little under $10. #noshots, but step your game up homie!

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