Monday, March 1, 2010

Assorted Pimp C Guest Spots

Unfortunately, this may be one of my weaker posts, as I have very little information about any of these dudes. Feel free to send me more info about them if you know any. I hate it when the information that I have is lacking; it makes the posts feel unfinished. Still, that makes these joints pretty obscure—so obscure in fact, that they might as well be new.

Baby Drew f/ Pimp C - "20 Inches & 4 Nickels" | zShare
from The Hand That Rocks the Cradle EP (Ground Hawg, 1998)

Baby Drew is a rapper from Milwaukee, WI who ran with a group called Country Boy Clique. He's released a few solo records, including a 1998 album called The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, which was one of Drew's solo releases before the Country Boy Clique was even formed. As far as I can tell, there are two versions of this particular record: a normal length one (which I can't find the tracklist for) and an EP, which is just eight tracks short. The production is handled by Chris and Conrad Rosser for Bread & Water Productions, though I think "20 Inches & 4 Nickels" may have been a Pimp production.

Jahari f/ Pimp C - "BigShotz" | zShare
from BigShotz (Succe$$, 2000)

You might recognize "BigShotz" as a joint from a UGK guest feature bootleg called Kingz of Da Hood, but it was originally from an album put out by this dude Jahari. He's a rapper from an unspecified part of the West Coast, and that's really all I know about the guy. His album BigShotz was released in 2000 and featured a single by the name of "Come Ride With Me." The title track also featured a guest verse from The Pimp (though he's credited as "Pimp" rather than "Pimp C" on the back cover), which is always welcome.

The Big Boys f/ Pimp C - "Dirty South Shit (Bump 'Dis)" | zShare
from... I have no friggin' idea. (N/A, ????)
from Too Big for That (4712 Music/Yaa Bigg South, 2003)

Like Jahari, I really have no idea who The Big Boys are, or even on what album—if any—this track even appeared. All I really know about these dudes is that they were possibly from Oakland, CA. The wonders of the Internet folks: able to document everything and anything, except obscure releases from really obscure rappers. [Thanks to Methlab, I finally have some information about these dudes: The Big Boys are a quartet out of New Orleans, LA and "Dirty South Shit (Bump 'Dis)" is from their 2003 album Too Big for That. Of course, it's not a lot of info, but it's more than what I had before.]


Ramo said...

Wow. I never knew that Baby Drew did a song with Pimp.

As far as Drew goes, his best album was probably Powder with his brother D-Note as the Country Boy Click.

Percy Mack said...

Yeah, you'd be surprised who Pimp collaborated with.

scjoha said...

Props for posting these rare Pimp guest spots. Never heard of Big Boys and Baby Drew before. 20 Inches & 4 Nickels is a dope track.

scjoha said...

The Pimp verse on Big Boys - Dirty South Shit appeared on various songs. First on Spice-1 - Thug Thang Y2G, next on Captain Savem - Southwest (albeit slightly altered, "cleaned up" here), then on 1Da Boy - Down South Texan, and finally on The Big Boys - Dirty South Shit. This verse was surely beloved, huh? Now, I would like to know for which song Pimp recorded his verse originally. Spice-1's, where it appeared first? Probably, but the verse partly isn't on beat on Thug Thang, as if it was sloppily tagged on. The Southwest version is not the original, because it's clean, and the other two came out years later and don't sound like they come from 2000. Maybe there's an unknown original version?

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