Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Mo' Pimp Beats

"Gimme thirty thousand and I'll serve you some heat
I'll write your rhymes, sang the hook, and I'll make you a beat."

-Pimp C, "Life Is 2009" from Underground Kingz (Jive, 2006)

…and now for the (probably long overdue) second installment in a series of posts where I try my hand at chronicling Pimp C's non-UGK production work. If you forgot—and I don't blame you if you did; it has been awhile—the series' first post focused on Pimp's work with Miami's own 3re Tha Hardaway. But, today the spotlight is on another trio: CC Waterbound.

CC Waterbound - "Hood Card" | zShare
CC Waterbound - "Playa Haters" | zShare
CC Waterbound f/ Aldon X, Shorty - "4 Real N*gga Posse" | zShare
from Critical Condition (Starvin' Artists, 1997)

I've already posted one Pimp C produced CC Waterbound joint ("Bout 2 Go Down") in an earlier post, so here are the rest of Pimp's contributions to the Morgan City, LA trio's one and only album. Well, okay, that's not entirely true. I didn't post all of them: I had to leave out "Creepin'" with its choice verse from The Pimp, since UGK features are no-no for this particular series of posts. But don't worry, I will put it up in another post at some point.

Oh, and in case you're wondering: Dolby D is the one working the turntables for these tracks.


Rome Brown said...

You can't forget about Pimp's work with Sleepy's Theme, he a hand in 3 tracks on the Vinyl Room album.

Percy Mack said...

No worries homie, I haven't forgot about those joints. I'll get to them in time.

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