Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Percy Mack's Trill Connection #2" @ Cocaine Blunts

It's Wednesday again, and you know what that means: another new edition of my column at Cocaine Blunts. On the docket for today are the two tracks that Pimp and Bun did for the Houston, TX based group D.O.W.N., or "Doing Only What's Necessary." While I'm not going to spoil anything else about the column here, just know that both tracks are heavily steeped in that country rap tune sound and are definitely a required listen. Check them out here.

[UPDATE: Here's some supplemental info for the column: D.O.W.N. is made up of A-Day, Lou, and DA Black; the track "What U Slang?" was produced in-house by group member Lou; and finally, contrary to what I said in the column, Pimp C isn't even on the version of "What U Slang?" that appears on D.O.W.N.'s self-titled debut. The version with Pimp is actually from their second album Southern Slang.]

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