Monday, March 15, 2010

Guest Spots: "Re-AKshon"

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Killer Mike f/ Bone Crusher, Bun B, Lil' Jon, T.I. - "Re-AKshon" | zShare
from AKshon (Yeah!) CD single (Aquemini/Columbia, 2002)

Originally released in 2002, "AKshon (Yeah!)" was the first single off of Killer Mike's debut album Monster. "The Whole World" by OutKast had just dropped the previous year, which had a guest verse from Mike on it. The strength of that verse helped him to build a pretty decent buzz; it's probably why his first single follows the same beat pattern and stutter stop flow as "The Whole World." You know, why go and fuck up something that has been proven to work?

Also included on the single (and eventually on Monster too) is "Re-AKshon," a remix by Lil' Jon that goes in a totally different direction from the original Earthtone III production. Rather than being "The Whole World" on acid and with dirtier sounding drums, Lil' Jon turns the track into something you would expect to find on Kings of Crunk or something. Bone Crusher does his yelling thing for the chorus, putting his own spin on the "That-new-new, that-new-new..." part from the original's outro. T.I. and Bun B show up for guest verses, and Bun pretty effectively murders it, talking about how dudes will get "twin towered" for fucking with him.

The single includes dirty and clean versions of "AKshon (Yeah!)" as well as the dirty, clean, and instrumental versions for the Lil' Jon remix. The only thing that the single is missing is the accapella, though I do know that the 12" version of the single does include that particular tidbit.

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