Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Guest Spots: "N*ggaz Down South (O.G. Version)"

Killer Mike f/ Bun B - "N*ggaz Down South (Original Mix)" | zShare
from Ghetto Extraordinary promo CD (Columbia, 2005)

You can consider this a bonus track to yesterday's "Re-AKshon" post. This particular version of The Beat Bullies produced "N*ggaz Down South" with Bun B only ever appeared on a promotional CD for Mike's shelved sophomore album Ghetto Extraordinary. While the track does appear on the version that was "leaked" by HipHopDX, Bun's verse is nowhere to be found on it.

Props to the homies scjoha and SNK for reminding me about the track in the shout-box, and of course, I have to give props to noz for posting the track originally on his site, even though that was quite a while ago now.

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southpeezy said...

yeah man, i had this version for years! one of my homegirls from XXL sent me the whole album right after they reviewed it...i loved it. especially this song. it was also supposed to have TI and Chamillionare on it. Man, my nigga Mike was so ahead of his time and his heart and mind was in the right place to keep true Southern Hip Hop alive but I'll be damned if the industry aint do him right man. damn. he wound up putting it on that undergroun atlanta compilation he did last year.

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