Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unreleased/Guest Spots: "Get Throwed (Video Version)"

Bun B f/ Pimp C, Young Jeezy, Z-Ro - "Get Throwed (Video Version)" | zShare
technically from Trill, otherwise unreleased (Rap-A-Lot/Asylum, 2005)

"Get Throwed" was the street single from Bun B's 2005 solo debut Trill and was produced by Mr. Lee. Jay-Z, Pimp C, and Young Jeezy all show up for guest verses, with Z-Ro coming in for the chorus. It was definitely the big "event" track of the album, mostly due to the recently "retired" Jay dropping a sixteen on it. Bun even explained in an interview that the reason that Jay's verse was put last was so that radio DJs would be forced to play the whole song through. (That's pretty clever actually.) But, another reason why the track was an "event" was because it was the sole appearance by Pimp C on the whole album.

The biggest difference between the video version of "Get Throwed" and the one that appeared on Trill is the fact that Jay-Z's verse is missing from the video. It was speculated that they couldn't afford to have him appear in the video, or that they thought he would overshadow the re-emergence of UGK, as Pimp had just been released from jail not too long before they filmed the video. But whatever the reason, instead of Jigga, we get an extra verse each from Bun and Pimp, so I guess it sort of evens out.

As far as I know, this particular version of "Get Throwed" was never actually released—not even on the track's CD or vinyl singles. Because of that, I ended up having to take the audio from a DVD rip of the video that I had lying around and combine it with the album version in order to keep the cussing intact.

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Kuci06 said...

Actually, this "long" version is on the "Get Throwed" promo cds...
Its listed as the radio version... so yeah, no cussing.

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