Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Guest Spots: "Show Rippa"

Big Rich f/ Bun B - "Show Rippa" | zShare
from Money Talks (Eye 4n Eye, 2002)

Like the dude Tuck from yesterday, I don't have much info on Big Rich—I'm not even sure where he's from, but I'll guess Louisiana? Anyway, according to his Discogs entry, he's been around since at least 1996, showing up on the Original Gangstas soundtrack that was put out by Noo Trybe Records. [Wrong Big Rich. I guess apparently the one who put out Money Talks didn't start rapping until around 2000-2001. Props to Jordan for pointing that out.] He was also on the title track to Vicious' 2004 album Walk Like a "G".

Money Talks, like Walk Like a "G" after it, was put out by Eye 4n Eye Records in 2002. The track "Show Rippa"—Rich's duet with Bun B—is a definite highlight, with its swampy N.O. Joe beat. Joe actually did a lot of work for the album, producing another track for it ("I Got It") and doing some of the engineering and mixing.


scjoha said...

and another one I didn't know about. Thanks, Percy!

Jordan said...

Thats actually not Big Rich on the Original Gangstas soundtrack. He didnt start rapping til about 2000-2001.

Percy Mack said...

Ah, ok. Different Big Rich then. Thanks for pointing that out.

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