Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ridin' Dirty Trivia & Minutiae

Here's some info about Ridin' Dirty that you might have not known before. Props to B B S.

The album's original tracklist looked something like this:
01.) Intro
02.) One Day (featuring 3-2, Ronnie Spencer)
03.) Murder
04.) Pinky Ring
05.) You Don't Know Me, Fool
06.) Diamonds Up Against That Wood
07.) 3 'N Da Mornin
08.) Touched (featuring 3-2)
09.) Fuck My Car
10.) Thats Why I Carry (featuring N.O. Joe)
11.) Hi Life
12.) Good Stuff
13.) Ridin Dirty
14.) Outro
But then "You Don't Know Me" was taken off the CD release at the very last minute. However, it still appears on a couple pressings of the album's cassette and vinyl releases, but only as the clean version. A dirty version does exist, but it remains unreleased.

Also, you might have noticed that the original title for "Diamonds & Wood" was "Diamonds Up Against That Wood." Makes sense I guess, given the track's chorus and screwed sample, which comes from .380's "Elbows Swangin'" off of DJ Screw's 3 'N The Mornin' tape.

Speaking of Screw—you know that picture of Bun and Pimp that was used for the album's cover? It was reportedly taken in front of DJ Screw's house in Houston.

There was a remix to "One Day" recorded, but it has never been released. I'm not sure if it's the same remix as the one that appears on Trill Azz Mixez though.

Finally, to accompany the album's release, UGK recorded a special version of Ridin' Dirty that was titled Ridin' Clean. Like the title may imply, Bun and Pimp went through and re-worked their lyrics to remove the cuss words and the offensive lyrics. It was only available as a vinyl 12" promo, and I've heard bits and pieces of it. It's an interesting oddity, if only to hear the lengths they had to go to clean some of those songs up.

For example, here's Bun B from "Fuck My Car":

"…and didn't even fuck! Man, what the fuck?
If you didn't wanna fuck, then get the fuck up out the truck!"

which on Ridin' Clean becomes…

"You didn't even hit! Man, you need to quit!
If they ain't wanna hit, they need to get up out my shhhhh…"

It's hardly the same. But at least this version wasn't the only one available.


scjoha said...

Hey Percy! The clean version of the album is here:
It's a good quality rip. I listened to "Ride My Car" and it hould be the version you cited here.
Got it from this blog:

scjoha said...

Now you can post the original Ridin Dirty by adding you Don't Know Me - and it's all clean :-)

Percy Mack said...

Ha ha. Yeah, that's true. It's a shame that of all the special versions of UGK records that were planned (the b-sides version of "Too Hard to Swallow" or the original double disc version of "Supertight") the only one that has seen the light of day is a clean version of "Ridin' Dirty."

Soundwave70 said...

I just found out about this site today and it is definitely being bookmarked. I'll contribute by giving you the dirty version of "You Don't Know Me":

Percy Mack said...

I appreciate the props homie, but that's still the clean version of "You Don't Know Me."

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