Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reader Requests: 2/14/10

Here's something that has the potential to become a regular feature here, depending on how participative you guys are feeling, of course. If you're in need of a UGK, Bun, or Pimp track that I haven't covered yet, then feel free to get at me, either through the comments, the shout-box, or e-mail, and request it. I'll then do my best to fill your request.

The only requests that I can't take are for tracks like "Weed Weed," "'93 Mac," and so on. Those tracks have never been released—and probably never will be—and can only be heard on the Damage Control tribute show for Pimp C that aired in 2007. Sorry guys.

All of the following tracks were requested by the homie scjoha from the comments section, so I have to give some pretty big props to him for requesting these obscure UGK-related features.

Bush f/ Meka B, Pimp C - "All in the Game" | zShare
from No More Worries (Keep It Wicked, 1999)

Unfortunately, I don't have much info about Bush (or Meka B, for that matter). As far as I can tell, Bush is a rapper outta Nashville, but beyond that, Google and Discogs fails me. You try Googling "Bush" and finding something that isn't related to Dubya, pussy, or the rock band Bush. One interesting tidbit that I do know though: this is one of the rare instances where Pimp didn't produce a track that he guested on. Apparently, the track was produced by a dude named Micah Otis. The beat is a dead ringer for Pimp though. Weird, huh?

Young Smitty f/ 3re Tha Hardaway, PSK-13, UGK - "What Up My Boy" | LimeLinx
from Takin' Over (Imperial, 2001)

If you've been a long-time UGK fan, you may recognize Young Smitty as that dude who was rapping alongside UGK on "Tossed Up" (a track from the Major Players compilation that No Limit put out in '98) and "Belts to Match." He didn't just stick to doing features though, and released Takin' Over, his debut album, in 2001.

Unlike a lot of other albums, Smitty's wasn't overloaded with other rappers besides himself: it has four guests spread out over two tracks, and that's it. Otherwise, Smitty is holding it down completely solo for the remainder of the record. "What Up My Boy"—which features a Steve Below beat and verses from 3re The Hardaway, PSK-13, and UGK, is probably the album's highlight—mostly because I'm always a sucker for a good posse cut.

David Banner f/ Bun B, Killer Mike - "Hold Up" | zShare
from Dirty States of America soundtrack (Image, 2004)

Here's another soundtrack only cut, this time from the soundtrack to that Dirty States of America: The Untold Story of Southern Hip-Hop documentary that came out in 2004, just as the South had started dominating the rap game. Both the documentary and its soundtrack were put by Lyricist Lounge, which possibly could have been a bit of a faux pas, as that outfit was usually seen as a bastion for "real" hip-hop (read: the East Coast), and we all know the shit that the third coast gets from that crowd of people. But still, props to them for putting the shit together and giving a good look at the South. Anyway, Banner produced the track, and while I'm not really fond of his production style, the track isn't too bad—it serves its purpose as a Dirty South pride anthem.

Ray Cash f/ Bun B, Pastor Troy - "Pussy Ass N*ggas" | zShare
from C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery) (Get-O-Vision, 2006)

If you don't remember him, Ray Cash was that dude from Cleveland who had that song "Bumpin' My Music" with Scarface on it and it was really his only hit. (Coincidentally, as Bun showed up on one of Cash's tracks, so did Pimp; he showed up with Project Pat and T.I. for the the "Bumpin' My Music" remix.) "Pussy Ass N*ggas" (or "P.A.N." for short) was produced by Cooly C and the verses, filled with lots of braggadocio and cussing out unnamed "pussy ass n*ggas," fit the beat well enough. Cash also holds it down on the mic too—despite sharing it with Bun and Troy—which surprised me a bit. I guess I'm just used to Bun outclassing most dudes on their own shit.


scjoha said...

Ooooh niiice! Wow, I didn't expect you to react so quickly and massively on my requests list. Much props, good shit! You make my weekend with all these songs. Trill Connection!

scjoha said...

Also huge props for the write-ups and info to each track. Isn't too common on all these blogs these days but is what makes blogging really worthwhile.
Gotta hunt for that P.A.N. remix with Pimp & T.I. now.
Again: thank you!

Percy Mack said...

No problem man, it's what I do.

And before you start hunting, I meant that Pimp and T.I. show up on the remix to "Bumpin' My Music" not "Pussy Ass N*ggas." Sorry about the confusion. I can post that "Bumpin' My Music" remix though, if you want.

scjoha said...

Yeah, drop it! I love it, man.

Percy Mack said...

I'm kinda blogged out right now, so here's the link:

The track will get its own write-up eventually. Just not today. Ha ha.

Enjoy it, man.

scjoha said...

yeah, smoke sum'n n listen to some great music.
Thanks for all the goodies.

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