Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rarities: "Bump and Grill"

UGK f/ N.O. Joe - "Bump and Grill" | zShare
from I Got the Hook-Up! soundtrack (No Limit/Priority, 1998)

When I wrote the post about Ridin’ Dirty leftovers, I managed to forget to include this particular track. Produced by N.O. Joe, “Bump and Grill” was another track created during the recording of Ridin’ Dirty, but then left off of the record. Since it wasn’t going to be used for UGK’s album, N.O. Joe was going to use the track for an album that he was going to put out (which was also going to include “Time” by Twista and UGK) but he decided not to release it. The track eventually wound up on the soundtrack to I Got the Hook-Up!, the first theatrical release by Master P and No Limit.


Kuci06 said...

link doesnt work

Percy Mack said...

Thanks for pointing that out. Link should be fixed now.

benbes said...

thanks for fixing the link.
weber gas grill

southpeezy said...

this my shit..i actually have this as my stops right after Pimp..."niggas on that syrup"

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