Friday, February 5, 2010

Unreleased: "Ain't That a Bitch (Dirty Version)"

UGK f/ Devin the Dude - "Ain't That a Bitch (Dirty Version)" | zShare
technically from Dirty Money, otherwise unreleased (Jive, 2001)

Dirty Money is probably UGK's weakest album, but not really through any fault of their own. If anyone is to blame, it's the stuffed shirts at Jive—they totally fumbled the ball with the record. It was originally supposed to be released in November of '99 (if the 12" promo single of "Pimpin' Ain't No Illusion/Belts to Match" is to be believed anyway) but Jive kept delaying the record, initially to figure out how to best capitalize off of the duo's appearance on Jay-Z's smash hit "Big Pimpin'" and then later because of the constant leaks the album suffered due to the initial delays. When Dirty Money finally hit store shelves two Novembers later, it's not a surprise that the album did as poorly as it did, what with the five year gap between albums and little-to-no support from the label.

Despite its reputation as a weak link1 in the UGK catalog, Dirty Money does have some really good tracks on it. One such track is the N.O. Joe produced "Ain't That a Bitch (Ask Yourself)" featuring Devin the Dude; however, the track is marred due it being erroneous censored on every version of the album, clean and explicit alike. While I’m sure that the ultimate reason for the track's sanitization is due to sample clearance issues (as usual), I’ve also heard an urban legend about how the daughter of one of the album’s sound engineers had heard the track and was offended by its prevalent use of the word “bitch” and after hearing her complaints, the engineer went wild with the censor button, thereby ruining an otherwise excellent UGK/Devin collabo. Take that for what it's worth; personally, I believe it was just an issue with the Johnny "Guitar" Watson sample.

As far as I know, the dirty version of "Ain't That a Bitch" has never been released officially—not even as a b-side on its 12" vinyl and CD singles. You would think they could have at least added this version to that Best Of... compilation that came out in 2003, but no, Jive couldn't be bothered. I guess that kind of label fuckery is what the Internet is for, and part of the reason why I started this blog in the first place.

[UPDATE: Here's a link to a rip of the 12" vinyl single of "Ain't That a Bitch." It includes two clean versions (a regular one and a "squeaky clean" one) plus the always important instrumental. I'll also put up a link to the CD single once I get my mitts on it.]

1 I still think that the album could have been improved dramatically if "Money, Hoes & Power" had been removed entirely and replaced with the infinitely superior "Belts to Match." I'll never understand why Jive felt it necessary to shunt such a great track off to a soundtrack to a movie no one ever watched and a cash-in UGK compilation. It's no wonder why I rag on them as much as I do.


scjoha said...

I love this song. And I love Bun's verse on it - but topicwise, it's a little out of place. It would have been great if they had 3-2 saying some words about the hos here. Mr. 3-2, Devin the Dude and the Pimp - that would have been a dream team.

Percy Mack said...

I remember reading that around the recording of Super Tight... that 3-2 was slated to be the "third" member of UGK, but he only showed up to one or two recording sessions and no shows/concerts. It does explains his heavy appearances on the album though.

scjoha said...

Yeah, Bun mentioned it on the '08 Damage Control Pimp C tribute too.
I wonder what that dude is up to these days. He didn't release much music since 2001. And didn't work with UGK anymore after that Kiotti song from 2001. He should have been on the Damage Control Tribute. Do you know if they were on good terms still after he largely disappeared and UGK became bigger and really successful? Maybe you can make a UGK - 3-2 post.

scjoha said...
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scjoha said...

Correction: I think (IMO) 3-2 should have been on the show. 'Cause there are few who where similarly close to UGK and Pimp - from the music biz side at least. I wonder why he didn't call in.

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