Monday, February 22, 2010

Guest Spots: "What Means the World to You (Remix)"

Cam'Ron f/ Ludacris, Juelz, Trina, UGK - "What Means the World to You (Remix)" | zShare
from What Means the World to You (Remix) 12" single, otherwise unreleased (N/A, 2000?)

"What Means the World to You" was originally the third single off of Cam'Ron's 2000 album S.D.E. (Sports, Drugs & Entertainment). This Trackmasters remix is probably one of the first times that UGK had been featured on a song by an artist from up North. I think it has "Big Pimpin'" beat by a few months at least. [Props to Andrew in the comments for pointing out that "Big Pimpin'" actually beat this track by a year, as it originally came out in 1999. Despite it coming second, I think that the bigger point is that, at the time, Jay and Cam were two of the first Northern rappers to have UGK verses on their shit.] Unfortunately, I don't think this remix was ever really released officially; it was on some mixtapes and white label vinyl, but that's about it.

Between Pimp and Bun, I've never been able to decide who had the better verse here. While you can't beat Pimp saying that what means the world to him is "his paper, steak, and shrimp"—Pimp was a dude who loved eating some shrimp, especially when they were the size of dolphins DULFUNS—there's also something to be said for the "What means the world to me/to me, the world is mean" word play in Bun's verse. Cam, Juelz, Trina, and Luda bring some decent verses too, but I think they get just a little overshadowed here.

The single includes the radio edit (which doesn't include Trina), the extended radio edit (which does include Trina), the explicit version, the instrumental, and finally, the accapella. It's always blessing when you find a UGK-related accapella; they're even rarer and harder to find than the instrumentals for UGK-only tracks.


Andrew Barber said...

This came out a little after Big Pimpin...Big Pimpin was 1999, but released as a single in 2000.

My favorite verse on here was Luda's, because that's when he first came out and was just killing everything.

It goes w/out saying that Bun and Pimp were phenomenal, though

scjoha said...

There's also 50 Cents "As The World Turns" featuring Bun B from around that time. It's from his officially unreleased Power of the Dollar album, which was recorded in 1999. Perhaps that particular song was recorded even prior to "Big Pimpin'", which was recorded in September or October 1999.
When exactly was What Means the world to You Remix released? Around September 1999, when S.D.E. was released?

Percy Mack said...

Thanks for pointing out that 50 Cent joint, but I was really talking about Northern artists featuring UGK as a duo, rather than Bun or Pimp separately. As for the remix's release date, I have no idea; it was only released through white label vinyl, so I doubt there is a firm date for when it was put out. I would guess some time around the time that S.D.E. dropped.

scjoha said...

Actually there are not a whole lot of songs featuring both Pimp and Bun as guests. Ha, I'll make a list sometime.

Percy Mack said...

Yeah, I hear that. The tracks in my Bun and Pimp guest feature folders outnumber the tracks in my UGK guest feature folder probably 2-to-1. I know I'm probably missing some stuff, but it seems like there's more solo features than there are UGK ones.

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