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Guest Spots: "Stop Playin' With Yo-Self"

BoBo Luchiano f/ UGK - "Stop Playin' With Yo-Self" | zShare
from Chamillionaire: Houston's Hardest Artist (Hip-Hop Village, 2008)

BoBo Luchiano f/ UGK - "Get Up Off Me" | zShare
from Enemy of Tha MF State (Roggish Life, 2001)

BoBo Luchiano is a Dallas, TX native, a staple of the city's rap scene, and a long-time UGK affiliate. He started out as a hype man for Ron C (not O.G. Ron C—they're two different dudes entirely) of the group Nemesis in 1989. He met UGK in 1993 through Ron C, and they recorded a few tracks together. One of these tracks, called "Welcome to Texas," was going to be included on a planned (but later scrapped) b-sides version of the then recently released Too Hard to Swallow, but BoBo was left off the track for whatever reason.1 To make up for it, Pimp offered him a spot as UGK's hype man, which he accepted.

BoBo travled with Bun and Pimp throughout 1994 and was around when they began recording material for their sophomore album Super Tight.... He was even slated to appear on the album, as he dropped a verse on its mythical twelfth track "High 'Til I Die." (Erstwhile Geto Boy Big Mike was the track's other guest; according to those lucky enough to have heard it, his verse was epic.) But sadly, it just wasn't meant to be as the track ended up being cut from the album all together. In 1995, after the death of his son (which Pimp referred to in his verse on "One Day"2), BoBo decided to resign his spot as UGK's hype man, but remained a part of the duo's extended family.

Despite being in the music business for the better part of twelve years, BoBo only put out his debut album Enemy of Tha MF State in 2001. Pimp C produced a track called "Get Up Off Me" for the album; he and Bun also laid down some choice verses for it too, which is no surprise given the history between the three of them. It's the track that most people probably think of when they think of BoBo, especially since he doesn't have a whole lot of (released) material to his name. "Get Up Off Me" also has a tendency to show up on UGK bootlegs, such as The Lost Tracks joint from around 2003.

In 2006, BoBo was working on his sophomore album Who's Tha Mack.3 Its first single was going to be "Stop Playin' With Yo-Self," another track with UGK. Along with Bun and Pimp, the album's other notable guests included Young Bleed and Kottonmouth. Unfortunately, the album never seemed to materialize and has yet to be released. It might have been shelved, continually pushed back, who knows. "Stop Playin' With Yo-Self" did manage to show up on a few random mixtapes however, including one Chamillionaire centered mixtape called Houston's Hardest Artist.

Since 1999, BoBo served as the host of The Dirty South Block Party with Bo-Bo and Nem, a radio show dedicated to showcasing all sorts of music from the third coast, on a local Dallas station called KNON 89.3 FM. Unfortunately, the show went off the air in 2007.

[UPDATE: noz from Cocaine Blunts just posted an unmixed and CDQ version of "Stop Playin' With Yo-Self" that he got from the track's CD single, so feel free to d/l that version and delete the one I posted, ha ha.]

1 I think that this "Welcome to Texas" track might be the same as the "Texas" track that showed up on the "Use Me Up" 12" single. It does feature guest verses from DJ Bird, Ganksta C, and Ron C, so it could fit—it's just missing BoBo's verse.
2 "My world a trip, you can ask Bun B bitch, I ain't no liar/My man BoBo just lost his baby in a house fire."
3 Most of the information about Who's Tha Mack comes from this 2006 interview BoBo did with Urban South Entertainment. It's not a bad read; it has some interesting info about the Dallas rap scene and goes into BoBo's tenure as the host of The Dirty South Block Party.

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