Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guest Spots: "The Game Ain't Rated"

A-Dam-Shame f/ Too $hort, UGK - "The Game Ain't Rated" | zShare
from Revelations: The Beginning of the End (Trumpp Tight, 1998)

A-Dam-Shame was a trio of rappers from Atlanta, GA, though they originally hailed from Memphis, TN. Made up of Menace, 12 Gauge, and Lil' Walt, the group got into the rap game relatively late, releasing a street EP titled Thangs Ain't Gone Neva Be Tha Same sometime around 1995, not too long after their arrival in Atlanta. Three years after dropping that EP, they released their full debut album Revelations: The Beginning of the End through Trumpp Tight Records, with its production handled by Pimp C and a producer outta Decatur named Mr. Ku. The album's sole guests were UGK and Too $hort, who both appeared on the track "The Game Ain't Rated."

A-Dam-Shame f/ Too $hort, UGK - "We Got Game" | zShare
from Dirty Game (Trumpp Tight, 2000)

A-Dam-Shame went on to release their sophomore album, titled Dirty Game, in 2000. It featured a spiritual sequel of sorts to "The Game Ain't Rated" in the track "We Got Game," as it again features guest verses from $hort and UGK. [Well, technically. But as scjoha points out, the verses from $hort and UGK are just re-used from the ones they laid down for "The Game Ain't Rated." I guess that makes this track more of a remix than a sequel, huh?] Unfortunately, the version of "We Got Game" that I have is clean, and its censoring is all over the place: the intro and chorus are uncensored, but the verses are all torn up and blanked out. $hort's verse in particular is almost unlistenable. It's a shame, because it would really be a nice track otherwise.

The group released a sequel to Dirty Game in 2003, appropriately titled Dirty Game Pt. II. After that, it seems like they kind of dried up musically, as they haven't released any new material since then. Group member Menace began working on a solo mixtape in 2006, titled Da Re-Up: Da Mixtape, and it's supposed to have some features on it from Bun and Pimp, along with some others. I haven't ran across it though, so I don't know if it was ever released.


southpeezy said...

HELL YEAH! These boys was from Scottdale...I'm from Decatur myself...i used to play the hell out of this tape....especially Game Aint Rated..they resurfaced in 02 with a song called "Dont Play That Shit" feat. Lil Jon, Bun B and Big Floaty

Percy Mack said...

Yeah, I been trying to find a rip of that "We Don't Play That Shit" single so I can post it.

scjoha said...

On "We Got Game" the Bun, Pimp and Short verses from "The Game Ain't Rated" are simply reused - only difference is Pimp's verse which is clean on "We Got Game" - cussing not bleeped out but verse redone and cleaned up by Pimp himself.

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