Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guest Spots: "I Don't Owe U"

918 f/ Ronnie Spencer, UGK - "I Don't Owe U" | zShare
from Reincarnated (Smugglin', 2001)

Named after their Oklahoma area-code, 918 was originally a duo from Tulsa made up of rappers C.T.S. and E-Loc. In 1997, the duo released their debut album Zaggin Gon' Be Zaggin through the peculiarly named Haunted House Records. Unfortunately, C.T.S. was shot and killed while putting up promotional material for their debut. Despite C.T.S.'s death, E-Loc kept the duo's name alive and released a second album in 2001; he titled it Reincarnated and dedicated it to his fallen comrade. "I Don't Owe U" is a Mike Mosley produced track that features UGK and a Ronnie Spencer chorus, with Loc talking a little bit about C.T.S.'s death. It's really quite poignant, which is kind of a given whenever UGK and Ronnie Spencer are involved.

In 2004, 918's first two albums were later re-released in a double CD collection by Smugglin' Records. According to Loc's MySpace page, he's currently locked up, so it looks like 918 as a group is effectively dead for right now.

Props to reader Christopher Collins for requesting the track.

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