Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guest Spots: "Down Here"

Props to scjoha for reminding me about this track.

1 Gud Cide f/ UGK - "Down Here" | zShare
from Contradictions (Scarred 4 Life, 1999)

Formed in 1991, 1 Gud Cide was a duo from Fort Worth, TX, made up of rappers Twisted Black and Evil Seed. They released their debut album Look What the Streets Made in 1995 through Scarred 4 Life Entertainment. Besides the dope beats and lyrics, their debut is notable for its cover, which features a picture of Twisted Black after he was shot in the face, an event that (obviously) slowed the duo's initial progress in the rap game.

The duo suffered another setback when Black was sentenced to three years in prison due to a parole violation, just two weeks after the release of their debut. Work on their second album Contradictions ground to halt, though it was eventually completed and released in 1999. It featured the Pimp C produced track "Down Here" with UGK, which is unfortunately censored on all versions of the album. The cusses aren't blanked out or anything, but all the "bad" words are replaced ("bitch"="trick") and the lyrics are changed to be less offensive. Even though you can understand the verses, censoring is still censoring.

A low quality (in other words: piss-poor sound, the vocals and beat have been slowed down, and the track fades out before it's even over) uncensored version with an entirely different beat exists on the Kingz 4 Life bootleg, but the track is such low quality I can't even fuck with it. A better quality one may exist on the Unreleased Trill Ass Shit bootleg, but I haven't been able to find it yet.

Twisted Black f/ Bun B - "Damn Fool" | zShare
from Late Bloomer (3R, 2003)

Twisted Black f/ Bun B - "Damn Fool (Remix)" | zShare
from The Life of Tommy Burns (Scarred 4 Life/3R, 2005)

Upon Black's release from prison in 2002, 1 Gud Cide suffered a fatal blow: Evil Seed quit the group, reportedly because Black decided to begin work on a solo album. With 1 Gud Cide effectively finished, Black went on to release two solo albums: Late Bloomer in 2003 and The Life of Tommy Burns in 2005. Both albums feature the track "Damn Fool" with Bun B, though the version that is on The Life of Tommy Burns has been remixed and has an entirely different beat.

In late 2006, Black ran into legal trouble again; he was convicted of conspiracy to sell crack cocaine and was sentenced to life in prison. Despite the stiff and career ending sentence, he still managed to release one more album, titled Street Fame, through TVT Records in 2007.

[UPDATE: Removed the dirty version of "Down Here." Please read this post for more info.]