Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guest Spots: "Down Heah" a.k.a. "Down Here (Dirty Version)"

1 Gud Cide f/ UGK – “Down Heah” | zShare
from the Unreleased Trill Ass Shit bootleg (N/A, 1998/99?)

“Down Heah” is the uncensored (and probably the original) version of 1 Gud Cide’s “Down Here” with an entirely different beat. The homie Methlab sent it over, through it wasn’t as part of the Unreleased Trill Ass Shit bootleg. It was on another bootleg entirely; in this case, a Pimp C compilation that had some other rare tracks on it, including the uncut version of “Play Hard” with its original outro, where Pimp shit talks Master P and says “Fuck No Limit!”

Most people think that the Unreleased Trill Ass Shit and Kingz 4 Life bootlegs are the same thing, but they’re really not. As I mentioned in my earlier 1 Gud Cide related post, most of the tracks on Kingz 4 Life have been slowed down (with "Take It Off," "Pimpin’," and "Top Notch Hoes" being the sole exceptions, if I remember right) and they fade out before most of the tracks are even over. There are also these really lame sound explosion sound effects sprinkled throughout some of the tracks, usually at the beginning and end of each one. Then there's the fact that the sound quality is just piss-poor, probably due to compression and the erroneous slowing down of the tracks.

Unreleased Trill Ass Shit is different, as the tracks are at their normal speed and those lame sound effects are missing. The sound quality is also just a little bit better, but it's still a bootleg, so it won't be CDQ or anything. Another difference is that the version of "Take It Off" on this particular bootleg is uncensored, while the one on Kingz 4 Life is the same as the one that appears on Dirty Money and The Corruptor soundtrack, which to say that it’s the clean version. Of course, I’ve never come across Unreleased Trill Ass Shit anywhere, so I don’t have it; I just have random tracks off of it that were taken from other bootlegs—such as "Down Heah."

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scjoha said...

Huge props to the man Methlab for this dope ass track in excellent qualityand as dirty version! The beat bangs and Pimp#s verse is cold.

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