Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quick Site Announcements

1.) I went through and changed the URLs of every post that I've made so far, so that people will have a better chance of finding my shit when they're Googling for UGK stuff. Comments are still intact, but if you've posted anything from the site at a forum or whatever, you might need to re-up with the new link.

2.) Depending on how these LimeLinx linked posts work out for me, I'll be uploading what I've posted so far to that site. I'll still keep the old zShare links, but I'll be sticking with LimeLinx until they do something stupid… like deleting all my shit.

3.) I've also just got myself a Twitter account, so if you'd like, feel me to follow me on that. It's another good way to get in touch, if you've got some requests or whatever.

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