Saturday, February 20, 2010

Guest Spots: "Watcha Gone Do"

Today's post is yet another example of UGK's strong ties to Louisiana. You might recognize X-Mob member Vicious already, if you've listened to Underground Kingz lately: he showed up to drop a verse on "Take Tha Hood Book" with UGK and Slim Thug. He also had a verse on "I Don't Fuck With You" from Pimp C's Pimpalation record.

X-Mob f/ Pimp C - "Watcha Gone Do" | zShare
from Ghetto Mail (Par-Le, 1995)

Made up of Vicious, Slice, and Bundy-G, X-Mob was a trio of rappers from Lake Charles, LA. Ghetto Mail, their second album, was released in 1995 through Par-Le Records, and Pimp C was the only guest on the album, showing up to rap on and produce "Watcha Gone Do." Pimp's thumbprint is all over the rest of the record too, as he shared production duties with Mannie Fresh.

Vicious f/ Pimp C - "Slow Down" | zShare
from I Ball Like Kobe (Par-La, 2002)

Vicious f/ Bun B - "We Got the Work" | zShare
from Walk Like a "G" (Eye 4n Eye/Par-La, 2004)

X-Mob released their final album in 1997, and then broke up not long afterward. As a result of the break-up, Vicious (also known as E-Vicious) went on to pursue a solo career. Though he suffered a setback that I can't find any specifics about took him out of the rap game for awhile, he eventually returned, releasing I Ball Like Kobe in 2002. Pimp shows up once again, rapping on the Cory Mo produced "Slow Down." (This particular track was later tweaked and added to The Sweet Jones Stories album, but omitted Vicious from it.) His second album, Walk Like a "G", was released two years later and featured Bun B on the track "We Got the Work."

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scjoha said...

Damn, that Vicious - We Got the Work has a dope beat. Those kalimba and pan flute sounds are weird, in a good way.
There were two main types of beats Bun jumped on in the years 2002 to 2004 - first are more uptempo, jumpy beats in a 2002-Neptunes or Timbo manner (like We Got the Work), second are trunk-rattling, bass-heavy beats in a 3-6 Mafia or Lil Jon vein (like Boosie & Webbie - Show Ya Tattoos and Yukmouth - What It Do). Of course Bun rapped on a lot of other kinds of beats too - he had hundreds of guest spots in that time (and even more today).
Now, the 3-6/2004-Lil Jon style beats are still prevalent in the south, Shawty Redd and Drumma Boy keeping them hot, whereas 2002-Neptunes/Timbo style beats largely disappeared. Other dope Bun B guest spots on beats in that style are:
Lil Keke & Slim Thug - Oh Buddy
Daz - Feel It
C-Note - Know What I'm Talkin' Bout
Big Rich - Show Rippa
Twisted Black - Damn Fool

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