Sunday, February 21, 2010

Videos: "I's a Playa"

Nephew f/ Pimp C - "I's a Playa" (Lethal, 2006)

While I'm not too sure who this Nephew guy is, here's another video for y'all to enjoy.

I'll be blunt: I need a dirty/CDQ of this track in my life. Like, yesterday.

Props to noz for the video.


scjoha said...

Sorry I can't help you with that Nephew song, it's dope, would also like to have it.
But I have more requests:
- One Gud Cide ft UGK - Down Here original version, appeared in 1997 according to discogs:

I assume that the song “Down Heah” from the Kingz 4 Life bootleg is the original version (probably this 97 version discogs shows here), since it's beat is vastly different from the version on One Gud Cide's Contradictions album, and its uncensored, whereas the album version is clean. That bootleg version is really great, much better than the '99 album version, but unfortunately the sound isn't the best. It sounds a bit distorted and screwed. Do you happen to have a good quality version of this song?

- Talking about the Kingz 4 Life bootleg: BBS maintains in his Word of South album tidbits thread, that “Eyez on the Haters” from said bootleg is actually from the Too Hard to Swallow sessions. I don't buy it. It really doesn't sound like 1991/92. What do you think? Do you have an idea from what time that song is? Do you happen to have it in better quality? 'Cause it's the same problem as with "Down Heah" and it's again a great song.

- The Last question: Why didn't you have DJ Dmd's Candy (Introducing Percy Mack Mix) as your very first song since it's your theme song?

Percy Mack said...

Unfortunately, I don't own a copy of that particular 1 Gud Cide 12". I guess I'll have to add to the list of UGK-related vinyl that I'll need to buy.

Are you sure that album version of "Down Here" is censored? I have it and I could have sworn that I heard cussing in it. I don't have access to my UGK discography folder right now, so I can't double check it.

I think B B S may have meant that song "Eyez on the Haters" has existed since "Too Hard to Swallow." After all, the tracks "Heaven" and "Shattered Dreams" from UGK's self-titled double disc have been around since at least 1993, if I recall correctly. Maybe the bootleg version was different take on a track that's been around awhile?

If that version of "Down Here" on the 12" isn't the original that's on the bootleg, then I think that the bootleg version is the only one available. As for "Eyez on the Haters," I think the bootleg version is the only one available as well. A lot of those tracks on "Kingz 4 Life" never leaked in any better quality, as far as I know.

Why didn't I use that "Introducing Percy Mack Mix" of "Candy" for my first post? I honestly didn't even think of it at the time. I already had in my mind ideas for tracks that I wanted to post, so I was focused on those. But maybe I should go back and edit that track into my introduction post. It makes sense, now that you've mentioned it.

Percy Mack said...

Ugh, never mind, I just listened to "Down Here" and it is indeed censored. I have no idea why it would be though. Was it the single for "Contradictions" and the label thought it'd get more radio play if it was cleaned up?

scjoha said...

Thanks for your thoughts. Man, there are too much great songs that need to be reissued in good quality - but probably never will. Damn.

Tim said...

Slim Thug used this Pimp C verse on his "Welcome 2 Texas: All Star Game 2010 Mixtape". I like that version better, it seems to fit C better. Its produced by Mr Lee and samples Intntl Players on the hook.

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