Friday, February 12, 2010

Some Pimp Beats

"Gimme thirty thousand and I'll serve you some heat
I'll write your rhymes, sang the hook, and I'll make you a beat."

-Pimp C, "Life Is 2009" from Underground Kingz (Jive, 2006)

This post will be the first in a series where I'll be looking at Pimp C's extensive production catalog, but focusing on tracks that don't feature any Pimp or Bun guest verses. Of course, the problem is that Pimp did tons of beats for obscure local dudes and a lot of their albums have pretty sketchy production credits and can be hard to find on top of that. But I'll give it my best shot to post what I know to be beats that Pimp created or had a hand in.

3re Tha Hardaway f/ Daz Dillinger, Woozac - "Affilation II" | zShare
3re Tha Hardaway f/ The Dead Serious Family - "Headcrack" | zShare
3re Tha Hardaway f/ Precious Red - "Miami Timez" | zShare
from D.S. Foundation (Dead Serious, 2001)

While many people know "Top Notch Hoes" from Trill Azz Mixez by heart, what most people don't know that it was originally based on a song by Miami trio 3re Tha Hardaway that Pimp produced and guested on for their first album Undaconstruction. He also produced three other tracks for that record: "Affiliation" featuring Bun B, "Spooked," and "Headcrack."

Pimp evidently had a good relationship with the trio (made up of Black Pacino, CE2D, and B.O.X.) as he was also responsible for three more tracks on their sophomore album D.S. Foundation. Unfortunately, "Miami Timez" is the only truly new beat that he did for the album: "Headcrack" was re-used from the previous album and re-purposed as a posse cut for several Dead Serious Recordz artists, while "Affiliation" was re-used and billed as "Affiliation II" with Bun being replaced by a dude named Woozac and Daz Dillinger, in perhaps the sole instance of Daz rapping over a Pimp beat.


scjoha said...

Cataloging Pimp's beats (the rare/obscure ones for lesser known artists) is definitely nice, or shall I say, kind of necessary. It's amazing how much great music and great verses Pimp & Bun gave to more local, unknown artists to push them. And they did so from the start, when they gave Point Blank beat and verses on Cut U N 1/2 back in '92.

On another note, I've got a long list of UGK requests, cause I'm a fucking completist. I was checking discogs and allmusic entries on Pimp & Bun to get a complete survey of their body of work. So I got a lot of through that.
But as your blog taught me, there are a lot of tracks that aren't mentioned on these sites and you knew about them and posted them here. That's great. Maybe you can help me (and the other readers) with some songs from my list. Shall I post it here in the comments or rather send you a mail? Or neither?
Now if you miss something, hit me up, I have a huge collection, though not the super rare stuff (like from that Damage Control Tribute Show).

Percy Mack said...

Sure, feel free to post your list in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. I'm always up to help a reader discover some lost UGK gems.

That goes for the rest of y'all following this blog too. You have a request? Hit the shout-box, the comments, or the e-mail, and I'll do my best to fill it.

scjoha said...

Cool. Here's the list:
- Young smitty – what up my boy album: takin over (2001)
- Mya – let’s go (2002)
- Steal your mind from compilation we run ca
- I wanna be free from compilation legends, gangsters & bosses (2001)
- Deep down south from compilation key players vol. 1 (2001)
- Bush – track from album no more worries (1999)
- Kiotti – texas boys album: jag in the jungle (2001)
- The congregation (pastor troy) – track from album ghetto raised probably down south nigga fa life (2001)

Bun B:
- Mddl fngz – rolling strapped freestyle ft mike jones 2004
- Iceberg froze – yo cadillac 2004 from compilation rhythm trax gamelace presents texas game spitterz vol. 1
- Paul wall – ridin big freestyle 2004
- t.i. – pussy ass niggas 2004
- graph – weight of the world
- don’t give a fuck
- david banner killer mike – hold up
- baby bash – mean mug (dirty version) 2007
- billy cook – slab on blades album: the truth (2006)
- 151 – slugged up album: power and privilege (2007)
- smokey loko – sowed up (2007)
- bobo luchiano – stop playin with yo self from chamillionaire – houstons hardest artist (2007)
- 3ad – down in texas album: inevitable 2005
- chamillionaire – hold up from chyna white – the whyte out (2007)
- Example – southern rap phenomenon album: the st. Austin suites 2001
- Murphy lee – hush album: da skool boy - probably same as:
- tony draper – hush ft murphy lee from album: street money (2008)
- Scarface & geto boys – g code remix ft bun b paul wall webbie – full version

Pimp C:
- Lil c – get it how we live album: keep a pistol for them jackaz
- Ain’t no nigga from dj dolby devious – choppin up da slab II (2005)
- Kottonmouth – so tight from compilation poetic 1 presents unforgiven vol. 2 (2001)
- Texas boys – bitch nigga from ost: texas boys (2002)

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