Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reader Requests: 2/23/10

I don't have much to say here, just filling out some more reader requests. Props to scjoha.

G.T. f/ Bun B, Snap - "Deep Down South" | zShare
from Key Players, Vol. 1 (Key Players, 2001)

"Deep Down South" is a track from a compilation put out by Key Players Entertainment in 2001. It's a showcase of different southern rappers (Bun, E.S.G., Slim Thug, Big Moe, Lil' Flip, and so on) and is produced mostly by Steve Nice and Mike B. A sequel comp was released in 2002, but it was also called Key Players, Vol. 1 for some bizarre reason and is credited to this G.T. dude.

Billy Cook f/ Bun B - "Slab on Blades" | zShare
from The Truth (Battiste, 2006)

Billy Cook is a singer from Houston, TX, who has been featured on a gang of records—I've read upwards of nearly 500—by the time his album The Truth came out in 2006. Despite the fact that he's recorded with so many different southern artists, I think this is first time that Cook and Bun have worked together.

151 f/ Bun B, Mark O'Reilly - "Slugged Up" | zShare
from Power and Privilege (VVS/Select-O, 2007)

151 is a rapper from Seattle, WA, who was first brought into the rap game in 1994 by Sacramento underground rap staple C-Bo. He helped get 151 signed to AWOL Records, where the then-aspiring rapper appeared on several of their releases, before C-Bo signed him to his new label, West Coast Mafia Records, in 2000. But it wasn't until 2003 that 151 released his debut album, Code of tha Street. After that album's release, he also appeared on a West Coast Mafia compilation titled Gang Affiliated in the summer of 2004.

Power and Privilege was his sophomore album and it was released in 2007. However, I'm not sure how active he's been since that album dropped. He does have a MySpace page, but it hasn't been logged into since 2007.

Murphy Lee f/ Bun B, Mouf - "Hush" | zShare
from Tony Draper Presents: Street Money, Volume 1 (Suavehouse, 2008)

Normally I don't really fuck with Murphy Lee, but the Bun B feature compels me to in this case. "Mouf" is a track that first appeared around 2003, on a bootleg simply titled Da Skoolboy Bootleg, Vol. 1. Apparently, it was officially sanctioned by his label, Dirrty Entertainment, but who knows when it comes to bootlegs. As it came out not long after Lee's debut album Murphy's Law was released, I'm thinking that it's full of tracks that were either left on the cutting room floor, or it's a scrapped version of the album.

The track eventually surfaced again in 2008, when it appeared on a compilation called Street Money, Volume 1 that was put out by Suavehouse Records founder Tony Draper. It's mixed unfortunately, so it doesn't have a clean intro and outro, but it's the only version of the track that I've been able to find.

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Holy shit! I didn't expect that! Man, thank you. Incredible. Huge props!
(Now the list that I send you via mail just 10 seconds ago needs already revision).

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