Saturday, January 30, 2010

Singles: "Something Good" (VLS)

UGK - "Something Good (Extended Mix)" | zShare
UGK - "Something Good (Pimp C's Remix)" | zShare
from Something Good 12" single (Jive/Bigtyme, 1992)

"Something Good" was released in 1992, the first single1 from UGK's (credited here as the "UGK'z") debut album Too Hard to Swallow. This particular single is only available on 12" vinyl, though there are CD versions floating around, albeit promo copies with different tracklists and some different mixes. But I have no idea how available those are, or if rips of them even exist.

Pimp C's remix is probably the highlight of the single. It changes up the beat a bit by adding a much funkier guitar lick and includes different lyrics for Bun's second verse at the end. Another good thing about this single is that it features the instrumental for the extended mix. Instrumentals for UGK tracks are few and far between, so when one is available, it's always appreciated. It's a shame that there isn't an official instrumental for Pimp's remix floating around; his version definitely blows the Bernie Bismark produced album version out of the water.

The single includes Pimp's remix, the extended mix, radio edit, and instrumental.

1 Bigtyme did put out a 12" single in 1989 of "Tell Me Something Good" with "Short Texas" as a b-side. There's nothing too spectacular about it though, as it just has the street and radio versions of each track, without any special mixes or non-album leftovers.

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