Sunday, January 3, 2010

Guest Spots: Bigtyme Leftovers

Happy New Year everyone. I'm sorry about the lack of posts, but I've been without a computer for the better part of two weeks or so. Everything's sorted now, so posts should be coming on a more consistent basis again.

Point Blank f/ UGK - "Cut U 'N 1/2" | zShare
from Prone to Bad Dreams (Bigtyme, 1992)

"Cut U 'N 1/2" was originally part of a demo version of Too Hard to Swallow, as this preliminary tracklist indicates (props to B B S). However, it appears in that tracklist as "Cut Cha' in Half" and there are no indications of any guests being on it. Since it was never used for their record, I assume that UGK decided to give it to Point Blank of the Wreckless Klan instead.

The track is full of your typical sexual braggadocio (of which Pimp C was the undisputed master), but the interesting part is the beat itself: it doesn't sound like what you'd expect from a Pimp C production. It sounds much more old school and even has a bit of an East Coast flavor to it.

[UPDATE: As a strange side note, Point Blank took offense at UGK for trying to get out of their contract with Bigtyme Recordz and for ultimately leaving the label. Blank ended up dissing them for these perceived slights on the track "Forgive But I Don't Forget" from his 1994 album Mad at the World. According to what I've read, "Three Sixteens" from Super Tight... was UGK's (only?) on-record response. I guess time heals all wounds though, because Bun shows up for a verse on "Mr. Playa" from Blank's 1999 album Bad Newz Travels Fast.]

PSK-13 f/ UGK - "Like Yesterday" | zShare
PSK-13 f/ UGK - "Like Yesterday (Mercy Mix)" | zShare
from Born Bad? (Bigtyme/Priority, 1997)

By the time PSK-13 (another Wreckless Klan member) put out his second album Born Bad? in 1997, UGK had left Bigtyme a looong time ago. I've always thought that "Like Yesterday" is kind of like a sequel of sorts to "One Day," with its soulful beat and the introspective lyrics. Unlike the previous track, you can tell right away that this one was a Pimp C production, just from that distorted guitar bit in the beginning.

"Like Yesterday" is one of those rare tracks that has an alternate mix readily available. In this case, it's a "Mercy Mix," done by some group called Southern Fried Entertainment. Luckily, it's tacked on to the end of Born Bad? as a bonus cut, rather than being the b-side to an obscure 12" single. I kind of prefer the original, but both versions are definitely worth a listen or two.

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