Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mixtapes: Chapter 182: Ridin' Dirty

Bun B - Freestyle over "Wanna B Free" by Lords of Lyrics | zShare
Pimp C - Freestyle over "Juicy" by The Notorious B.I.G. | zshare
from Chapter 182: Ridin' Dirty1 (No label, 1996)

Now, here's something a little bit different. Chapter 182: Ridin' Dirty was a Screw tape that UGK did back in 1996, as a way to promote their studio record of the same name. I won't really go into what a Screw tape is, or who DJ Screw is; I'm assuming since you're reading this blog, you should have some idea. If not, read up.

The tape is a bit unique, not only because it's a UGK Screw tape, but because it consists mainly of either UGK, Pimp C, or Bun B freestyles, which are kind of a rarity—at least during that time period. Not only that, but this tape is probably one of the only places where you'll hear Pimp rapping over the "Juicy" beat. It's a worthy listen all around.

I should mention that the .zip I've uploaded only includes "Side A" of the tape. "Side B" doesn't have any UGK-related freestyles, so I've left that out. If you'd like to hear the whole thing, check it out here.

[UPDATE: As the homie Methlab points out, Houston rapper and Screwed Up Click member Grace is featured pretty heavily on this particular tape, along side Pimp and Bun. His presence on the tape was apparently at the behest of the Pimp himself, who was quite impressed with his rapping after hearing him on other Screw tapes.

As far as I can tell, he only has one album to his name (From Crumbs to Bricks) but he's shown up on a quite a few Houston/Screw related compilations and mixtapes. He's currently locked up, so I'm not sure if he's released anything recently.]

1 This particular version of the tape is part of the Diary of the Originator series, which basically collects DJ Screw's massive catalog of tapes and mixes, excluding any of his "official" releases, such as the albums he put out through Bigtyme Recordz.


Transition Desert said...

Hey that zip file of the mix tape isn't formatted correctly or something.

Percy Mack said...

What do you mean? Is it not opening right or something?

Transition Desert said...

I've dl'd it twice and the zip file is labeled as ".zip.html", so it never opens correctly.

Percy Mack said...

Ok. I re-did the .zip and re-uploaded it. Let me know how it works.

scjoha said...

"I'm signed to them bitches
but on the (?) fuck your Jive
Cause I ain't got no love for no crackers
no motherfucking white (?)
no mutherfucker comin' down tryin' to (?) us up
and tryin' to take what belong to me"

Ha ha, classic Pimp C! If somebody Jive even knew about this tape and heard that (from the second track in the file). And no love for the crackers. Damn. Pimp dropped some quotables on this tape. Can someone please fill out the missing words?
Pimp C sounds much better on this tape than Bun B. His more monotonous flow fits the screw style better than Bun's lively, melodic and multisyllabic flow.
I need a single file version of this, to hear the shit flow better.

Dan Dan said...

Grace has released two mixtapes since getting released from prison but last I heard he was locked up again on a parole violation.

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