Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rarities: Live From the Harris County Jail

Pimp C - "Sixteen Five" | zShare
Pimp C f/ Pimpin' Ken - "Get My $ Bitch" | zShare
Pimp C f/ Webbie Cory Mo - "Very Thin Line" | zShare
from Live From the Harris County Jail (Self-released, 2004)

Live From the Harris County Jail was Pimp C's first full album of solo material, which he recorded before beginning his jail sentence for parole violation in 2002. It was released independently through Pimp C Family Entertainment in 2004, under Pimp's "Sweet James Jones" moniker.

The best thing about this album is that it isn't your typical incarcerated rapper album: none of the tracks are "live" or recorded over the phone. Of course, there are some gaps here and there, such as missing guest verses and some of the tracks don't sound finished. I suppose this makes sense; I'm sure Pimp wasn't able to put the finishing touches on the record due to his then upcoming bid.

If you've heard the 2005 Rap-A-Lot release The Sweet James Jones Stories, you will probably recognize quite a few of these tracks. That's because Rap-A-Lot basically took the majority of the tracks from Live From the Harris County Jail and either re-worked their production with beats courtesy of Mike Dean, Cory Mo, and Dani Kartel; added in guest verses from other Rap-A-Lot affiliated artists like Trae and Z-Ro; or made changes to their titles, such as "Sixteen Five" becoming "Swang Down/10 a Key" for whatever reason.

None of that is a particularly bad thing per se, as the Rap-A-Lot "version" definitely has a more finished and polished feel when it's compared to the original. But I guess I just appreciate the raw feel that Live From the Harris County Jail has, and of course, there is fact that it's basically Pimp C rapping over his own beats for 54+ minutes. You can't go wrong with that.

1.) "Comin' Up"
2.) "Got a Thang"
3.) "Sixteen Five"
4.) "Hustler"
5.) "So Excited"
6.) "Sweet James"
7.) "Get My $ Bitch" f/ Pimpin' Ken (uncredited)
8.) "I Want a Prostitute"
9.) "Very Thin Line" f/ Webbie Cory Mo (uncredited)
10.) "U Belong to Me"
11.) "Pimpin' Ain't Dead"
12.) "Rude Boy Gangsta"
13.) "Where the Dollas At (In My Pocket, You Bitch)" f/ Lil' Boosie (uncredited)
14.) "My Angel (Tribute to Momma)"


Dre'matic said...

all i can say is wow. i thought only the chopped & screwed version existed. learn something new everyday...

beeaar said...

uhhh...Webbie? isn't that Cory Mo rapping on Very Thin Line?

Percy Mack said...

I only put Webbie down as the guest 'cuz that's what is on the Discogs entry; the verse is uncredited otherwise. But yeah, after giving it another listen, that probably is Cory Mo on the track.

White Tim said...

i dont believe Pimp produced any of the beats on this..

Percy Mack said...

For real? I just assumed that he did since it was a solo album. My mistake I guess, ha ha.

scjoha said...

Who produced these songs then? DMD?

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