Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rarities: Banned

UGK - "Pregnant Pussy" | zShare
UGK - "Muthafucka Ain't Mine" | zShare
from Banned EP (Bigtyme, 1992)

Banned is an EP that includes two tracks that were cut from UGK's major label debut Too Hard to Swallow, no doubt due to their explicitness. It's yet another example of the fuckery going on at Jive, which the EP's cover elaborates on: "They took our samples, they took our hardness, they took our friendship."

And when I say these tracks are explicit, I mean it. "Pregnant Pussy" is probably one of the most hilariously disgusting rap songs I've ever heard. I mean, what else can you say about a song where Pimp C raps about babies licking up nut? "Muthafucka Ain't Mine" on the other hand is UGK's take on coat-hanger abortion rap, and the duo puts a decently unique spin on it.

The EP includes a pretty tame intro track (compared to the other two tracks anyway) and then instrumentals for "Pregnant Pussy" (called the "Pusi Mental") and "Muthafucka Ain't Mine."

NOTE: Most people are probably familiar with the CD reissue, but like The Southern Way before it, Banned was originally released as a cassette. Like the EP's cover, the titles of the each side of the original tape—"Brought Nuts" and "Took Nuts"—further reference how Jive fucked with UGK's music.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rarities: The Southern Way

UGK - "Something Good" | zShare
UGK - "Cocaine in the Back of the Ride" | zShare
UGK (Pimp C) - "Use Me Up" | zShare
from The Southern Way cassette tape (Bigtyme, 1991/92?)

Well, here is where it all started: the debut cassette tape from The Pimp and The Bun. Recorded between 1990 and early 1992 and released through Bigtyme Recordz, The Southern Way can be considered as a demo tape of sorts, since the duo signed with Jive not too long after its release. All of its tracks also went on to appear on their major label debut Too Hard to Swallow. Being a cassette, the tracks are spread across two sides: Side A is the "Short" side, and Side B is the "Texas" side.

Unfortunately, when these tracks appeared on the new record, they were severely butchered. Lyrics were changed to be more "radio friendly" and samples were ripped from the original beats, most likely due to clearance issues. (Or in other words, the stuffed shirts at Jive were too lazy to pay for the samples.) In fact, only one track from this tape, "Short Texas," survived the transition intact, in both lyrics and beat.

And really, the originals are far superior. The "new and improved" versions just can't compare to the rawness on display here. Not only that, but the versions on this tape were fully endorsed by Pimp C, who called the majority of Too Hard to Swallow garbage—mostly because of Jive's fuckery. Hearing this tape is a must for any UGK fan, if only to hear how UGK's first album was supposed to sound like.

While The Southern Way was originally limited to a release on cassette, there's also a web-only reissue (not sure how official it is, though) that I've seen floating around. It comes with a "bonus disc" full of extra tracks—such as the ones found on the Banned EP—from UGK's short stint with Bigtyme.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Assorted Bun B Guest Spots II

Second verse, same as the first. Enjoy some more Bun B features.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Remembering the Pimp (1973 - 2007)

Pimp C passed away two years ago today. You already know what it is.