Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mixtapes: Trill Azz Mixez

UGK (Pimp C) - "Deep N' Da Game b/w Top Notch Hoes (Instrumental)" | zShare
UGK - "2 Real b/w Diamonds & Wood (Instrumental)" | zShare
UGK f/ 3-2, Ronnie Spencer - "One Day (Remix)" | zShare
from Trill Azz Mixez (N/A, 1998/99?)

I guess "eventually" came sooner than I thought it would. After posting the link to the version of "Free" off this mixtape, I started listening to the whole thing again and decided to share it with y'all. I won't go too much into the history behind this tape, since Maurice Garland already did that way better than I possibly could.

Basically, all you need to know is that DJ C-Wiz put the mixtape together during the period between Ridin' Dirty and Dirty Money as a way to sate UGK's fanbase. I'd say it worked pretty well, given this tape's popularity. He even did a sequel to it in 2003, called Some Mo' Trill Azz Mixez, but it lacks the same punch as the original.

The best known track from this tape is "Top Notch Hoes," and it's the one that everybody remembers.1 I've seen it sometimes labeled as a possibly unreleased track or an album left-over, but it's really just a combination of the parts of two different songs, like the majority of the tracks on this tape.

The second chorus ("I'm deep in the game…") and the first two verses are taken from a track called "Deep N' Da Game" that Pimp guested on. The track originally appeared on The Smoking Section, a 1998 album from Atlanta, GA native Meen Green. It's also worth noting that on Meen Green's version of the track, Pimp saying "Fuck BET!" was censored, while it remains intact on Trill Azz Mixez.

3re Tha Hardaway f/ Pimp C - "Top Notch Hoes" | zShare
from Undacontruction (Dead Serious, 1999)

The intro, outro, and last verse, along with the instrumental and the first chorus ("Smokin' hydrophonic…") are all from a song actually called "Top Notch Hoes" which appeared on Undacontruction, an album put out by Miami, FL trio 3re Tha Hardaway. Like "Deep N' Da Game" the track was originally recorded in 1998, as Pimp mentions that year in the intro of the Trill Azz Mixez version. However, that part was re-dubbed in the 3re version so that he says '99 instead, probably so it coincided with the release year of Undaconstruction.

Besides the "Top Notch Hoes" blend, the tape includes another rarity in the unreleased (but unfortunately edited) remix of "One Day" with 3-2 and Ronnie Spencer. That alone makes Trill Azz Mixez a required listen for any UGK fan.

1 While this version of "Top Notch Hoes" is an exclusive to Trill Azz Mixez, an unmixed (but lower quality) version also appeared on the myriad of Dirty Money bootlegs and fake promo CDs that came out around the time of the tape's release.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Guest Spots: "What U Wanna Hear"

Profound, Ltd. f/ Dolby D, Pimp C - "What U Wanna Hear"
from Possession with Intent to Distribute (Red Boy, 2000)

Been meaning to post this for awhile, but I haven't had the chance to. As always, props to Qdawg for posting the album—especially since his write-up is the only concrete info I can find on these dudes!

Profound, Ltd. is a duo from Houston, TX, made up of Groove and Banoe. Released in 2000, Possesion with Intent to Distribute is their one and only release by the looks of things—they haven't put out any new material since, at least as far as I can tell.

Anyway, with these guys being from Texas, it's only natural that they'd have a UGK-related guest verse somewhere on the album. In this case, Pimp C shows up on the album's second track, "What U Wanna Hear." Dolby D lays down a guest verse as well. The track is produced by Groove, and it sounds like he's trying to channel the Pimp in his production. It's a nice track, and definitely has that Houston sound.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Guest Spots: "Mrs. Good Pussy"

Lil' Sin f/ Pimp C - "Mrs. Good Pussy"
from Who Got Yo Back (BLVD, 1998)

Here's a little bonus for y'all: the only other UGK-related feature on Lil' Sin's sophomore album. With that kind of title and the Pimp's sung chorus and production, you know it's worth a listen or two. C actually has a few production credits on Sin's album; if you're interested in hearing the whole record, Qdawg has it up for download.

Guest Spots: "Free"

Lil' Sin f/ UGK - "Free"
from Who Got Yo Back (BLVD, 1998)

Lil' Sin f/ Mr. Joshay, UGK - "I Wanna Be Free"
from Greatest Flames (S.U.C., 2006)

This is another semi-obscure joint that's shown up in a few different places. I think most people know this one from it showing up on a lot of the Dirty Money bootlegs that were circulating around the Internet around 1999 to 2001.

"Free" first appeared as the fourth track on Lil' Sin's sophomore album Who Got Yo Back in 1998. The production on the track is much more laid-back than its later remix, and has less of a sing-song chorus. This version of "Free" was also on a compilation album called Drank Sippas: Let's Po' a Fo', which was put out at the start of 2000. A screwed version of that comp is available, but it's just as out-of-print as the O.G. version.

In mid-2000, the track was remixed and given a new title: "I Wanna Be Free." This remixed version appeared on both of the albums that Sin put out that year: My Secret and Livin'-N-Sin (which, confusingly, called the remix by the O.G.'s title). The album that Sin put out in 2006, Greatest Flames, also does this same title switch for some reason. The remix features a different beat, which also makes it much more urgent sounding than the original. The chorus is also slightly different, which is now being sung by Mr. Joshay, a dude who did some guest vocals on a few other tracks on Sin's albums.

As I mentioned earlier, this track showed up on many of the Dirty Money bootlegs that hit the Internet in the early '00s. It makes sense, since I think this was one of the stronger UGK-related tracks to come out during that long drought between studio records. Oddly, the version of "Free" that shows up on the bootlegs is the older '98 version, rather than the newer remix.

Both versions of "Free" are produced by Pimp C, naturally. Oh, and just for reference: there is a 12" single of the '98 version available (though actually finding it is probably another matter entirely), in case you want the track's instrumental and accapella.

[UPDATE: I just remembered that the "Free" accapella is blended with Scarface's "Homies & Thugs" instrumental on the Trill Azz Mixez mixtape that DJ C-Wiz put out. Here's a link, in case anyone is interested in hearing it. I'll probably post that whole tape eventually; there's a lot of good stuff on there.]