Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rarities: "You Don't Know Me"

UGK - "You Don't Know Me"
from Ridin' Dirty cassette tape (Jive, 1996)

This track is a bit rare, as it was only available on some early pressings of the cassette and vinyl versions of Ridin' Dirty. I'm kind of sketchy about it's place on the track list, but I think it was sandwiched in between "Pinky Ring" and "Diamonds & Wood."

I remember reading about this track a couple years ago from a post on Cocaine Blunts, but I didn't actually have a chance to hear it (dead links are a bitch) until I found it kicking around on SoulSeek. It's a great track, and a great compliment to an already great album—if that's even possible. However, it is the clean track, but I'm not sure why—issues with the sample? I don't think an explicit version was ever released either, not even a low quality leak. Still, it's a gem, and it's shame that it's not more well known.

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