Friday, September 4, 2009

Guest Spots: "My Bitch"

MDDL FNGZ f/ UGK - "My Bitch"
from Trouble (Perfecto, 2000)

While this track might not be particularly obscure, as it's been a staple track of a lot of UGK bootlegs, I thought I would talk about it, since I already posted one Ridin' Dirty leftover, and this one was also recorded during the sessions for that album. It was even slated to be on the album, originally.

At the time, the track was titled "Black Horse (My Bitch)," probably because of the flipped "White Horse" sample. I have no idea if the MDDL FNGZ (Bun B's side group) appeared on this version of the track, but the lengths on this version and the one off of Trouble are the same (5:53), so it seems likely. Either that, or the song had more verses from Bun and Pimp originally, and they were cut to make room for verses by the MDDL FNGZ.

Here's a shot of the original back cover of Ridin' Dirty that shows off the album's original track list, with "Black Horse (My Bitch)" as track five. Judging by that list, it looks like the track took the place of—or was replaced by—"You Don't Know Me" before both tracks were ultimately left off the record.

The track did finally find official release on the MDDL FNGZ album Trouble about four years later; however, that album didn't get very much distribution, so it's hard to get a hold of. Also, since this was around the time of all of those Dirty Money bootlegs and fake advance CDs, I think the track probably showed up on quite a few of those as well.

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